Monday, October 22, 2012


I got to do a little shopping with OLL last weekend. It was nice to get out of the house and gossip and chit chat.

We hit up SA and VV (value village).

I manged to find a second 043 Snowflake.  Going to give it to my mom. She loves snow. Also found this really ugly butter dish. I mean it is U-G-L-Y!!!! But it is fun. The clear dish is another little find. It is federal glass. With fruits on the lid. THM Also conned me into getting him a Christmas Snow globe.  It is from The San Francisco Music Box Company. Very beautiful. 

Same SA I found the white snowflake. I was looking over the counter at the piles off stuff and spotted it stashed in a corner of junk. I asked the lady "Can I have that white dish?" She said "You wanna look at it?" I said "No I want it."  I didn't even need to look at it. I knew it was gonna come home with me.  

The terra is my first. Now this pattern seems to be scratched easy. I liked the size of it and it had the lid. It was half off at VV or I wouldn't have bought it.

I also picked up a duplicate pink 024. My pink is in bad condition and this one is sorta better. VV also had a yellow 023.  It is smaller than the 024 (numbers on bottom).  For half off it came home with me too. Sometimes I like having dwd stuff. They can be my work-horse ones. 

 Now this little set is adorable. It was so gross though.  The metal stand was brown. I sprayed it with a bit of oven cleaner and it cleaned up very nice. I was pleasantly surprised.  I am going to use it on pancake nights for different flavored syrups.

I had to redo the top of my cabinet. To display my 043 and 045s (Those are numbers on the bottom, each number is a common size of a dish, like the large fridgies are 503s. why? I dono)  I'm trying to get it all organized, but I am running out of room!!!!

Wednesday I am doing a local trade. It is always nice to do trades. Shipping is so expensive though, so local trades are my new friend. I will show you then what I got.

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  1. Oh how I love Pyrex in all sizes shapes and colors! Your collection looks great!