Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A few I've traded.

Us Pyrex lovers have a thing.  We get to the point we have extra that we buy in order to trade for pieces we want. I've done this a few times.

So far I have trades a Butterprint bowl. (no picture)

A set of butterfly gold glasses.

A homestead lid for the 045 and the 441 Cinderella bowl are hopefully going to a new home.

The homestead is the speckle lid.  I'm keeping:  A 024 lid. The lid to my Butterfly Gold 045 (already had bottom) and a Gemco pink toothpick holder. Those were my scores of the day.

441 Homestead
In trade I got:

The 503 (large) to complete my set of Butterprint fridgies.

The spring blossom 045 bottom, reunited with its lid.  See I knew there was always a reason to buy those extra odd lids.

And yet to be determined for the homestead bowl and lid.

I only do local trades though. Because shipping is so high. It is nice that way I don't fear breakage or lost (or never sent) packages.

I have a few other ones I am looking to trade.  A spring blossom square baker and a pink 024 no lid.  Maybe if you are in the LA/OC area you would want to trade?


  1. I love those glasses! I had no idea they were on existence.

  2. They are not made by pyrex. Not sure who made them. But they match perfectly. They came in other patterns like woodland and spring blossom.