Thursday, November 29, 2012

Allie Asshole Reactions

According to the 4yo of the house:

Santa; noun, guy who gives gifts to kids and lives down the street. Wears a red suit and a hat. Has reindeer.

Allie Asshole; noun, dumb doll that mom put in different places at night.

He isn't buying it. He thinks mom does everything. Well he is right but I am not going to tell him that. I want to have the fun. I want him to be good.

So here are the few last nights and the reactions.

Allie messing with his toothbrush

Reaction: Whip him out of the bathroom and proclaim that mom messed with his stuff.

Allie Asshole eating candy and watching tv (and forgot to plug in the wii remote!)

Reaction: Mommy ate all my candy. Elf was thrown in his room and the candy wrappers were on the floor. He was mad the remote wouldn't work.

Allie Asshole making out with his new moose ball spitter

Reaction:  Moose was thrown on the couch and elf as thrown in his room.  I heard a grunt and a "mom did it."

Allie Asshole in bed with his dogs

Reaction: "WHY!!!"

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  1. lol... does he call it "Allie Asshole" or just "Allie"? So he's for sure thinking that you are behind it all huh? Guess there's no tricking this little guy. The pictures and your posts are so funny.