Monday, November 12, 2012

Christmas from the trash: T2T 1

My little profile thing over there says I dig though trash.  Yes I do.  I'm pretty proud of it too.  No I don't eat from the trash, I find stuff in trash or by the trash. Trash to Treasure is awesome (T2T)

Last Tuesday after I picked up THM from school we grabbed the wagon and left the house to walk to the grocery store.  It is about half a mile away but I like the walk and it is good for both of us.  Well we went past 1 alley not even a block away and I saw a huge pile of stuff.

Score! I headed over, THM following.  What was in this pile?

Snowman candle thingie.  Kohls sticker on bottom priced $14.99.
Welcome sign with Snowmen

Normal Rockwell ornaments from 1999.  Set of 3   Retail $12.95 each
Christams hurricane vases, in box
Dino ornaments,  in box. Set of 2.

2 packs of 2 kites
Valentine baggies, new in package
2 fishing poles
1 new in box helmet, fits THM and was a need, since he just outgrew his old one! Best score of the day.

What stayed behind: fake tree, small Christmas candle holders, random dolls, random toys, life jackets, Easter decorations, bag of holiday bows and much more.

While we were checking the stuff out a lady parked and said "take what you like, I just put it out". I told her thanks, it was awesome to have such a great neighbor.

THM was so excited over the helmet and fishing polls. This beats thrifting somedays.  Yay for free stuff.  Trash to treasure, why yes!

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