Friday, November 16, 2012

RIP sidekick.

Tuesday I was riding my bike. I was headed to the grocery store to return "the Lorax" redbox. We have a small section of road known as "retro row."  it is normally packed and full of traffic. I was crossing the street when .....

My bag, holding my keys, phone, redbox, extra bag and wallet, got stuck between the tire and the thing that holds the tire on. This made me stop suddenly, fly forward, into the handle bars. My bag of stuff broke open.

I hurried and picked everything up and backed out of the middle of the road. As I composed myself, (as I was utterly humiliated) I checked to make sure I had everything.

Keys   ----- check
Wallet ----- check
redbox ---- check
extra bag - check
phone ----- check....... ummmmmmmm

This is my phone now.

Sorta looks like a peacock.

RIP sidekick, you won't really be missed as you were giving me problems.  I am glad you broke in a way that you cannot be fixed and are totally unusable.

Since I am trying to get a job I cannot be without a phone. So I had to use some savings and get a new phone. And since I have always saved and saved I bought myself the phone I wanted.  Well almost, I settled for a 3gs Iphone. (would of loved to have a 4S but I didn't want to spend that much)

I'm a happy camper now. Except only 4 of my contacts were saved to my SIM, but at least the most important one was there.

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