Wednesday, December 5, 2012

WW: Don Juan

Wordless Wednesday
(not really all that wordless) 

We have a dog. Don Juan De Marco
Worlds Greatest Lover
Yes we named him after the Worlds Greatest Lover. 
He is a chihuahua. We got him summer of 2004 in Orlando Florida at the county pound. Not the loving kind shelter.  the "kill" type shelter. I felt bad for him.  It took us quite some time to find a dog. I had just moved out of my parents house, across the country (from MI to FL) and I needed a dog. At least I thought so. THH did not think so but he loves me and what I say goes. (most of the time) 


Okay not of the dog, but THM loves his dog and loved the dog food. 2009
And today, those 2 are like peas and carrots. 2012

 Most of this pictures are crappy ones, I need to find my old cards and get some of the better resolution ones.

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