Thursday, January 31, 2013

Happy Birthday Hater!

proper credit
Happy Birthday to my handsome, amazing, talented, wonderful husband. He turns 30 today.

For his special day I surprised him at work with some heart shaped balloons, a happy birthday cupcake balloon and a spiderman balloon. Yes THM picked out the spider man.

I got him some blu-rays. So did his best friend. That man made out with blu-rays. He also got a pair of Air Jordans.   Happy feet he will have.  THB got him a book. I love my bookworm hubby.

THM picked out some gifts. Crazy kid. He got him some gloves, mouthwash, scissors and a very awesome crown. I left him get whatever he wanted for dad.

LOL for the "king" of the house. 
We went to lunch at this very fabulous old school restaurant called Musso and Frank. The food was to die for.  I forgot to get pictures of the dessert but THH has a slice of cake. I had blueberry pie (of course). And our dates had cheesecake. (our dates were his best friend and the owner of the production company THH works at)

Pumpkin Ravioli (Date 1 said it was super)

(mine) spaghetti and meatballs 
I swear Date 2 was going to orgasm at his pot pie

The pot pie. The waiter plated it at the table. 

THH pot pie and THM fruit salad. That salad was HUGE! and tasty! 

OH that pot pie is yummy! BTW how hot is my husband!

Notice we are the only people there. It was expensive for a Thursday lunch, but the decor was so old style. It opened in 1919 and the waiters seem to be that old. At least 1 waiter has been there since 1972 according to their website. I didn't see one female there. It was definitely a mans restaurant. The steak is supposed to be really good but it didn't feel like a steak kind of day.

So if you are ever in Hollywood on Hollywood make a special lunch and go there. You will not be disappointed at all.  My belly is full and my eyes heavy.

Happy Birthday to Treasure Hunter Hater. I love you. xoxoxo ~Your wife.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Yellow Blendo Chip and Dip

I love Blendo. It is glass with frosted spray on it in colors. I once has an orange juice set but sold it many many moons ago.

Well I took my out of state cousins to Salvation Army to kill time before the Harley shoppe opened yesterday. They came for a week right after my mom. I will show you all the finds with her later this week.

Anyways it was a sale day so I totally brought this home with me.

The yellow just pops. It has been so darn rainy here, which sucks for my cousins. But this set gave me a little sunshine on a rainy day.

Do we need to sing it.......... I've got sunshine on a cloudy day.... when it's gets cold outside you are my month of May.........

I feel that way about my cousins. They are my month of May, always put a smile on my face. Maybe one day I will tell you about the night we ended up all 3 of us in the bathroom with no pants on super super super drunk.  Our pants hung out on the kitchen floor for 3 days. We know how to paint the town red for sure.

Went to "Let's Make a Deal" game show and dressed up. I'm in the fur. 

Anyways back to the Yellow.

It even had the gold holder. Total score for less than 20 bucks.

So if you are out in the cold (-2 one day back at the cousin's home) just remember spring is on it's way. The little things remind of of that.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Numbers - 475

You sometimes hear me talk about 024, 501, 475 ect.

This numbers mean something in the Pyrex world.  They identify the style, shape, and size of a dish.

475 is the largest bake and serve holding a whopping 2.5 quarts.  They are round with spouts. Also known as cinderella. Why do they call them cinderella?  According to

                            "Cinderella bowl" is a well-known term for the type of
                            nesting bowl with a handle on one side and a spout on 
                            the other.  The name has become a convenient way to 
                            differentiate it from the older style of nesting bowl with 
                            a completely round circumference.  Cinderella bowls first 
                            appeared in 1957 with three pattern & colour choices:
                            turquoise Butterprint, pink Gooseberry, yellow & black Gooseberry. 
                            Sandalwood became the next pattern to appear on Cinderella
                            bowls, in 1961.  The shape of the bowls was designed by John 
                            Phillip Johnson."

This week I came across the Spring Blossom 475. 

I also have quite a collection of them. I love the size. Holds chips very nice. 

Some have patterns on the bowls themselves, some are solid bowls with patterns on the lid. As you see here the top "Daisy"  has a solid base and flowered top. 

Now Old Orchard had a patterned base and solid brown top. Although most patterned bases came with clear tops labeled 475-C (C for cover). You will find the numbers on the bottom of the bases and near the handles on the covers. 

Left to right:
Top: Autumn Harvest
Middles: Spring Blossom, Town and Country
Bottom: Daisy, Butterprint, Town and Country, Square flowers (also known as Verde), Old Orchard. 

I'm pretty sure that the Spring Blossom won't be my last. There are so many pretty patterns. 

Monday, January 14, 2013

Hazel Atlas PINK

So you know I have  a thing for Pyrex. But it has now turned into having a thing for Hazel Atlas.  It all started with these plates:

Pink Crinoline. I found these at the local Salvation Army. I saw them on a Friday and no sale that day. No way. Nope. Won;t buy them on a no sale day. Now I went back 8am the next morning and SALE!!!!!  I got all 12 for less than $2 each. (normally they go for around $6+ each online) I would die to have a full set.

Like another I need another full set of dishes. I already have a full set of Corelle Spring Blossom and Snowflake. And a full set of red Avon dishes, but all of those are at my mother's house. 

I found this little set of Goodwill for $.99. Yes you read that right. It was dirty but cleaned up amazing. 

Cup and Saucer
One day I was at St. Vincents Thrift store in town and while THM was playing on the organs (thank gosh nome were plugged in) I saw something in their warehouse. I could only see the op and the glass. It intrigued me. I knew it was one cool vintage amazingness. I motioned for the worker guy to come over. I said "see that thing on top of those orange boxes?"  he said no but went over so I could try to navigate him without entering the warehouse. I said higher, over, not the other over. YES! That thing. 
He walked over. I about died. I asked him if they could price it so I could buy it. They did so happily. 

I cam home with a Pink wooden top and handles Hazel Atlas food chopper. 

It is beautiful. Perfect with it's wear. Even has the small wooden disk still. 

Something about Hazel Atlas, they took their items from simple to elegant with only curving a few lines. 

I also have some of their Tom and Jerry sets. I hope I can find more HA (as it is marked).  I need more pink in my life. 

Friday, January 11, 2013


Well I'm into selling off some of my Pyrex. Feels good that these are going to good homes.

I so far have sold a Spring Blossom Butter dish  on the FB group. To a very lovely woman. I am glad it went to a great home.

A yellow/black Gooseberry 444. To OLL. Yup she is awesome too.

My paypal funds wil be to buy more Pyrex. BAHAHAHAHAHA  Let's see. I want some more space savers, the friendship 443 and the EA 503. I can dream while I gather funds right?

Bye Bye Pyrex. See you later alligator.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Snowflakes are a flying

I love snowflakes. Growing up in Michigan I love the snow.

The last time we went to the snow. 
The sledding, the snowmen, the snow angles. But best of all I loved snow days. What kid didn't love waking up to the news man saying school was closed!

Kid Loves sledding. 

One of my most favorite places in the world. Yes that hill is steep and scary. 

That love of snow has transferred to THM. He loves Frosty. Knows the words to the song and sings it all day long.
THM and his first Snowman

We don't get snow here where we live. I can drive 2 hours and see the snow. But I need chains on my car and lots of money to stay up in the mountains. So I had to bring a little to our home. And the easiest and prettiest way was with Pyrex.

I have some Black snowflakes too but I like the blue for January. Added a few glitter snowflakes. On the bottom is a blue and gold Pyrex labeled Golden Bouquet. The cake cover I got recently. It was rusty and grimy.  A little steal wool and and vinegar did a good job at making it all pretty. 

Hopefully we can take a trip to the snow this year. We have plenty of time. 

Monday, January 7, 2013

Pyrex Then and Now Cabinet

Then: I was rummaging through my Flickr photos and found this one:

I took this early 2011  I didn't have much. I has some other pieces in the kitchen cabinets. Some of the ones here are snowflake garland (garage sale), some Butterprint Fridgies (ebay),  Spring Blossom square baker, old orchard 444 and Pineapple party 404 (my grandmas).

I got the cabinet at an antique mall here in Long Beach the weekend before we moved into our apartment. It took 3 people about 2 hours to get it up the stairs. That thing is a beast and is heavy. It has a matching table and 4 chairs.

Now:  here is what it looks like today:

Plus 2 more shelving units in the dining room. Kitchen cabinets filled with canisters, carafes, and a Pyrex Blendor. Plus some flameware. The bottom had lids galore. 2 more punch bowl sets (slick and sassy) and some crystal glasses. And some miscellaneous  Corelle and glassware. This thing is packed full. (plus the top of my fridge has my very girly stuff)

Now I know my collection is not as diverse and extreme as some but damn that is a ton of dishes. I thought my 30 some pieces when I first counted in 2007 (when we moved into the place we have now) was a bit much. I don't even want to count now.

Looking to move in the near future (this summer or sooner) makes me queasy thinking about having to move it all. All 400+ some pieces of vintage glassware and kitchen stuff.

I think the last few year I have went nuts. Thank gosh for having a 1 in 2 out rule this year. (expect that doesn't mean I have to get rid of 2 pyrex for 1. Just something has to go.)

I hope we find a place to move soon and it all makes it there safely. I have a ton of work ahead of me. I won't let anyone touch it. 
I will break their legs if they break my pyrex!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Holiday Promo from 1960

So since I'm in the purging mode lately I've really cleaned the china cabinet and rearranged my beautiful Pyrex.

Today was clean laundry room day. This also means wash clothes. I ran out of stuff to make laundry detergent so I ran to Ace to get the stuff.

I also did my Friday ritual of browsing Salvation Army. I didn't think I would find anything as THM and I went Tuesday and there was nothing.


I spotted a bowl. A bowl I have been dying for. I ran to it. No joke. I picked up my feet and hustled to it. (Thinking the whole time knees to chest bitch!)

Oh man oh man.
Holiday 1960 Promotional 024. Needs cradle. I have an extra lid. 

Needless to say it came home with me.

I got rid of a few things extra in the laundry room to make up for it.

My motto this year:  1 thing in, 2 things out.

Come on Christmas 2013! 

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Oh My Oh My!!!!!

I have got through my living room, dining room minus the bottom of the china cabinet, THM's toy closet/clothes, bathroom and hall closet.

That is a ton to go through in such a short amount of time.  So far 229 items have been put in the donation pile. Plus some I am going to gift my mom. Some I am going to gift my brother's girlfriends mom and a box to trade to go out.

Even THM has a pile. He did really great and earned a new iPad game.

Plus a ton of recycle and trash.

I have made great strides in getting stuff out. That number may not seem like a ton to most but my living room looks bare. My closet is organized.

I have a little trick to help me. I use the like it, love it, hate it frame of mind.  If I love it I keep it. If I like it I think about it and before the day is over, or the next morning, I make a decision.  And easy if I hate it it goes in the appropriate pile.

I also take the trash and recycle out at the end of the night. It helps keep the steam up. I see the stuff leaving.  Now for donation I have a huge pile. I was waiting until I got a good parking spot to put it all in the car.  Luckily for me I got one today and I will (with the help of THH) take it all out to the car and take it to the thrift store tomorrow. The faster it gets out the better.

Here are a few pictures of the donation pile. When all is said and done in the first sweep I will show pictures of the bareness and easy to clean house.

Pile #1  Misc from when I see something I don''t need I throw it here in the laundry room. 

Pile #2  The main pile.  When I am going through a room I make the pile to keep it all nice and neat. That way I can make one swoop to itemize for donation and take to the car. 

I am feeling great about this. We are hoping to move this year. Not going to have to move all this junk!!!

Are you trying to have less "stuff" in your life?