Thursday, January 31, 2013

Happy Birthday Hater!

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Happy Birthday to my handsome, amazing, talented, wonderful husband. He turns 30 today.

For his special day I surprised him at work with some heart shaped balloons, a happy birthday cupcake balloon and a spiderman balloon. Yes THM picked out the spider man.

I got him some blu-rays. So did his best friend. That man made out with blu-rays. He also got a pair of Air Jordans.   Happy feet he will have.  THB got him a book. I love my bookworm hubby.

THM picked out some gifts. Crazy kid. He got him some gloves, mouthwash, scissors and a very awesome crown. I left him get whatever he wanted for dad.

LOL for the "king" of the house. 
We went to lunch at this very fabulous old school restaurant called Musso and Frank. The food was to die for.  I forgot to get pictures of the dessert but THH has a slice of cake. I had blueberry pie (of course). And our dates had cheesecake. (our dates were his best friend and the owner of the production company THH works at)

Pumpkin Ravioli (Date 1 said it was super)

(mine) spaghetti and meatballs 
I swear Date 2 was going to orgasm at his pot pie

The pot pie. The waiter plated it at the table. 

THH pot pie and THM fruit salad. That salad was HUGE! and tasty! 

OH that pot pie is yummy! BTW how hot is my husband!

Notice we are the only people there. It was expensive for a Thursday lunch, but the decor was so old style. It opened in 1919 and the waiters seem to be that old. At least 1 waiter has been there since 1972 according to their website. I didn't see one female there. It was definitely a mans restaurant. The steak is supposed to be really good but it didn't feel like a steak kind of day.

So if you are ever in Hollywood on Hollywood make a special lunch and go there. You will not be disappointed at all.  My belly is full and my eyes heavy.

Happy Birthday to Treasure Hunter Hater. I love you. xoxoxo ~Your wife.

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  1. Happy Birthday to THH! And open since 1919, holy Moses! It all looks great.