Monday, January 14, 2013

Hazel Atlas PINK

So you know I have  a thing for Pyrex. But it has now turned into having a thing for Hazel Atlas.  It all started with these plates:

Pink Crinoline. I found these at the local Salvation Army. I saw them on a Friday and no sale that day. No way. Nope. Won;t buy them on a no sale day. Now I went back 8am the next morning and SALE!!!!!  I got all 12 for less than $2 each. (normally they go for around $6+ each online) I would die to have a full set.

Like another I need another full set of dishes. I already have a full set of Corelle Spring Blossom and Snowflake. And a full set of red Avon dishes, but all of those are at my mother's house. 

I found this little set of Goodwill for $.99. Yes you read that right. It was dirty but cleaned up amazing. 

Cup and Saucer
One day I was at St. Vincents Thrift store in town and while THM was playing on the organs (thank gosh nome were plugged in) I saw something in their warehouse. I could only see the op and the glass. It intrigued me. I knew it was one cool vintage amazingness. I motioned for the worker guy to come over. I said "see that thing on top of those orange boxes?"  he said no but went over so I could try to navigate him without entering the warehouse. I said higher, over, not the other over. YES! That thing. 
He walked over. I about died. I asked him if they could price it so I could buy it. They did so happily. 

I cam home with a Pink wooden top and handles Hazel Atlas food chopper. 

It is beautiful. Perfect with it's wear. Even has the small wooden disk still. 

Something about Hazel Atlas, they took their items from simple to elegant with only curving a few lines. 

I also have some of their Tom and Jerry sets. I hope I can find more HA (as it is marked).  I need more pink in my life. 


  1. The plates are just beautiful, you were lucky to get them!!

  2. Everyone needs some pink in their cupboards! These plates are so sweet.