Friday, January 4, 2013

Holiday Promo from 1960

So since I'm in the purging mode lately I've really cleaned the china cabinet and rearranged my beautiful Pyrex.

Today was clean laundry room day. This also means wash clothes. I ran out of stuff to make laundry detergent so I ran to Ace to get the stuff.

I also did my Friday ritual of browsing Salvation Army. I didn't think I would find anything as THM and I went Tuesday and there was nothing.


I spotted a bowl. A bowl I have been dying for. I ran to it. No joke. I picked up my feet and hustled to it. (Thinking the whole time knees to chest bitch!)

Oh man oh man.
Holiday 1960 Promotional 024. Needs cradle. I have an extra lid. 

Needless to say it came home with me.

I got rid of a few things extra in the laundry room to make up for it.

My motto this year:  1 thing in, 2 things out.

Come on Christmas 2013! 


  1. I can't imagine ever finding a bowl like that at my Salvation Army - LUCKY!

  2. I hope you succeed at your new resolution. If you keep finding treasures though, it won't be easy.

  3. Hands down one of my favorite pieces of Pyrex!