Thursday, January 17, 2013

Numbers - 475

You sometimes hear me talk about 024, 501, 475 ect.

This numbers mean something in the Pyrex world.  They identify the style, shape, and size of a dish.

475 is the largest bake and serve holding a whopping 2.5 quarts.  They are round with spouts. Also known as cinderella. Why do they call them cinderella?  According to

                            "Cinderella bowl" is a well-known term for the type of
                            nesting bowl with a handle on one side and a spout on 
                            the other.  The name has become a convenient way to 
                            differentiate it from the older style of nesting bowl with 
                            a completely round circumference.  Cinderella bowls first 
                            appeared in 1957 with three pattern & colour choices:
                            turquoise Butterprint, pink Gooseberry, yellow & black Gooseberry. 
                            Sandalwood became the next pattern to appear on Cinderella
                            bowls, in 1961.  The shape of the bowls was designed by John 
                            Phillip Johnson."

This week I came across the Spring Blossom 475. 

I also have quite a collection of them. I love the size. Holds chips very nice. 

Some have patterns on the bowls themselves, some are solid bowls with patterns on the lid. As you see here the top "Daisy"  has a solid base and flowered top. 

Now Old Orchard had a patterned base and solid brown top. Although most patterned bases came with clear tops labeled 475-C (C for cover). You will find the numbers on the bottom of the bases and near the handles on the covers. 

Left to right:
Top: Autumn Harvest
Middles: Spring Blossom, Town and Country
Bottom: Daisy, Butterprint, Town and Country, Square flowers (also known as Verde), Old Orchard. 

I'm pretty sure that the Spring Blossom won't be my last. There are so many pretty patterns. 


  1. I have a few of that size too - they do look so nice stacked up together!!

  2. I also have a few - they are so useful! You have a nice collection going!

  3. Okay, I want some of these. Think of me next time you spot some (that are duplicates of what you have, of course) and either let me know or just pick them up for me and I'll pay you back ok? Thanks darlin! xoxo