Monday, January 7, 2013

Pyrex Then and Now Cabinet

Then: I was rummaging through my Flickr photos and found this one:

I took this early 2011  I didn't have much. I has some other pieces in the kitchen cabinets. Some of the ones here are snowflake garland (garage sale), some Butterprint Fridgies (ebay),  Spring Blossom square baker, old orchard 444 and Pineapple party 404 (my grandmas).

I got the cabinet at an antique mall here in Long Beach the weekend before we moved into our apartment. It took 3 people about 2 hours to get it up the stairs. That thing is a beast and is heavy. It has a matching table and 4 chairs.

Now:  here is what it looks like today:

Plus 2 more shelving units in the dining room. Kitchen cabinets filled with canisters, carafes, and a Pyrex Blendor. Plus some flameware. The bottom had lids galore. 2 more punch bowl sets (slick and sassy) and some crystal glasses. And some miscellaneous  Corelle and glassware. This thing is packed full. (plus the top of my fridge has my very girly stuff)

Now I know my collection is not as diverse and extreme as some but damn that is a ton of dishes. I thought my 30 some pieces when I first counted in 2007 (when we moved into the place we have now) was a bit much. I don't even want to count now.

Looking to move in the near future (this summer or sooner) makes me queasy thinking about having to move it all. All 400+ some pieces of vintage glassware and kitchen stuff.

I think the last few year I have went nuts. Thank gosh for having a 1 in 2 out rule this year. (expect that doesn't mean I have to get rid of 2 pyrex for 1. Just something has to go.)

I hope we find a place to move soon and it all makes it there safely. I have a ton of work ahead of me. I won't let anyone touch it. 
I will break their legs if they break my pyrex!

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  1. Holy Cow! Quite a collection, but I do love seeing a good and colorful display of Pyrex. Our rule at the Casablanca is "If you break our Pyrex, run for Canada. No seriously, run."