Thursday, January 10, 2013

Snowflakes are a flying

I love snowflakes. Growing up in Michigan I love the snow.

The last time we went to the snow. 
The sledding, the snowmen, the snow angles. But best of all I loved snow days. What kid didn't love waking up to the news man saying school was closed!

Kid Loves sledding. 

One of my most favorite places in the world. Yes that hill is steep and scary. 

That love of snow has transferred to THM. He loves Frosty. Knows the words to the song and sings it all day long.
THM and his first Snowman

We don't get snow here where we live. I can drive 2 hours and see the snow. But I need chains on my car and lots of money to stay up in the mountains. So I had to bring a little to our home. And the easiest and prettiest way was with Pyrex.

I have some Black snowflakes too but I like the blue for January. Added a few glitter snowflakes. On the bottom is a blue and gold Pyrex labeled Golden Bouquet. The cake cover I got recently. It was rusty and grimy.  A little steal wool and and vinegar did a good job at making it all pretty. 

Hopefully we can take a trip to the snow this year. We have plenty of time. 


  1. Wow wow WOW!! That's a beautiful arrangement of snow you got there my friend. Nice! I am in awe of you Katie. You are one heck of a rockin ass 20-something year old woman and mom. When I have "my own" life back and I purge 75% of the shit I have, I'd love for you to help me decorate my home. I need to start collecting more Pyrex too. Have you listed what you're selling yet?

  2. LOVE the picture of THM and his snowman!


    Gooseberry yellow and black 444 $12 plus shipping

    Spring blossom butter dish $7 plus shipping

    Pink 024 $5 plus shipping

    Green 403 $6 plus shipping

    Spring blossom square baker $10 plus shipping

    And of course for you Dappr no shipping! Just a coffee date!

  4. I think I want the Gooseberry Yellow and black 444. This is a 4 qt bowl right?
    I might take the Spring Blossom butter dish off your hands too. What is the green 403?

    1. Yes the 444 is a 4 quart with pouring spouts. A 402 is slightly smaller than 4 qt. no spouts. And the butter dish is pending sale. I will let you know if it goes through or not. I will text you pics this weekend. I also have a movie to return of yours :)

    2. Okay. Put a "sold" sticker on the Gooseberry Yellow and Black 444. I want it. It'll be great for cookie baking.

  5. I just saw the primary color sets on ebay for $34.00 and as high as $51.00. stuff is expensive!