Thursday, February 28, 2013

All out in the Open!!

I have been painting my entire inside of the apartment this week. I have the bathroom, living room and dining room done. In order to complete the dining room I had to take everything out of the china cabinet in order to move the darn thing and paint behind it. I did that today.

The nook is the prefect spot for it. And in the 5 years we have lived here I have never moved it. Only dusted and mopped under it. It took 3 people to get it up the stairs. I swear when we move I am going to pay someone to move it for me. It doesn't come apart and is heavy.  It looks funny all empty.

All that was in the cabinet is taken out. And this isn't even all of it. Some is behind the table, some on other shelves. I don't know if I will be able to get it all back in there.

Some of it isn't Pyres. There is a few FireKing, a Slick and Sassy Punch bowl set, some random salt and pepper shakers, and the dessert bowl my grandmother gave me. 

I do say I love having it all out. It looks so pretty all together. But than again it shows the obsession. I need to Hurry and put them all back before THH gets home tonight! 

Someone help me!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Where this is space there is pyrex

THH told me that I can have as much Pyrex as I want IF it fits in the kitchen and china cabinet. HAHA, sure babe.

Well I have news for him. It has migrated to the other end of the dining room.

Butterprint Refrigerator Set, not faded, just some sunlight.

Yes he didn't complain when I brought home the shelf from the trash. But not like I paid any money for it. And I use it just for my display.
All my Snowflakes. Except 1, that is hanging out at my cousins in Michigan.

But when I switched my January display out I didn't have room for all my snowflakes in the china cabinet and no way I wanted to cover them up in the kitchen. So with the organizational eye I have I moved my embroidery space saver to the top of the china cabinet and stacked the snowflakes on my telephone table. Topped it with my complete butterprint fridgie set and TaDa! Beautiful. (my snowflake space saver is with the embroidery)

I hopefully want to acquire 2 more telephone tables. One for each of us to put our iPads and phones one when charging. And of course display pyrex under. Cause they look so freaking awesome.

I get away with everything. I'm so spoiled.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


I uses to have a thing for jars. I love storing food in jars. But they all were mismatched and didn't "flow". So in my quest to streamline my kitchen and make it easy and pretty I started collecting Pyrex See and Store canisters. Like I really needed a reason, am I right?

While my cousins were here a few weeks ago I picked up 4 more and think my collection of canisters may be complete. Except for a spaghetti and the spice ones. I need those still.

The ones I got when my cousins where here. 
I have them all on my second shelve in my cabinets. I can easily see them and grab what I need.

Left to right:
Top: Blendor blender, bake-a-round, carafes, can opener
Middle: Canisters
Bottom: measuring cups, lemon juicers, plates, bowls, glasses, coffee mugs. 

Words to the wise: hold your breath when opening the garlic one. Man does that smell worse than THH breath in the morning. I like garlic but not that much!

Anyways aside from keeping in the smell they work really well. They stack great. And they are pretty.

Because that is all that really matters, function and how pretty they are.

My collection includes the patterns:

Spice of Life
Avocado (verde)

One more large one and I am good to go.

These keep cookies crisp. They keep brown sugar soft and garlic smelly. I love my See 'n' Store!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Friendship turns Relationship.

My mother (THB) came out a few weeks ago...... Here is her Pyrex story.

At about the age of 11 (I think) or so she met a boy.  In high school her and this boy started dating because, in her words, all her friends were dating and they thought they should too.

My dad, Kevin

My ma, Cindy
They married a year after they graduated from the same school in a small Midwest town.  Actually it is 3 villages (not kidding you on that) that make up the school district.  Otisville, Otter Lake and Columbiaville.  My mom is from Otter Lake and my dad from Otisville.

The wedding was a small simple church wedding.  My mom said she didn't even really want a wedding. She wore her hair down and so did he.  It was 1973 of course he has long hair.

My mom and dad on their wedding day
For my wedding I had my baker make me a cake exactly like theirs minus the birds on top. She used this photo and it came out perfect. A little updated and less frilly.

May 19th, 2007 THH and I's wedding day. (awwww)
Fast forward to 3 children later, a divorce from my father, a remarriage, my fathers death and 3 grandchildren out came the Pyrex.

She came to meet the newest granddaughter, Sam.  My eldest brothers first baby.  Along with her she brought me the Pyrex she got at her wedding on February  17th, 1973.  40 years it would have been today. One bowl is missing.  I never knew she has these. She cannot remember who gave them to her, my guess is my Great Aunt Margie. She is the "Crazy Aunt."

Missing the 443

They have a permanent place on my table right now. I got the rooster cloth a few years ago (maybe 6) what a small antique mall in Torrance, CA. I knew some day I would have a great use for it. The colors compliment perfectly.

She originally wanted to trade me for my primary set.  I was okay with that. The friendship means more to me.  But she fell in love with some Corning here and I bought her that and traded her.

My mom loves Spice of Life Corning. I found these for less than $20 for her. 

I still traded the primary, but not for more pyrex. I will show you later what I traded those for, it is currently at the cleaners. I think trading that primary set game me some good Karma.

So even though my parents are no longer married, and one is not with us today. Happy 40 Years. 40 years of love, heart break, kids, death and the most important being a family, through thick and thin.

I love you mom, thanks for the Pyrex.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Note to self: Keep My Mouth Shut!

I should have kept my big mouth shut. Cause while I was cleaning up the house today I missed hearing the door bell ring. When I went to leave to pick THM up from school these were on my door step.

I swear sometimes THH just know how to make my day a little brighter. I named the bear Maynard. Only because I would love to name a son Maynard but THH hates that name.

The card read:

Yup, he is my one true love.  That man....... I just love him.

Happy valentines day!

Single? Taken? Don't care? Who cares, not me!

Happy "the card companies made up holiday" of valentines day. I'm not a big valentines day person. I prefer 4th of July. But the Pyrex has spoken and I have a valentines display. Only because the pink is so pretty.

On my trash found shelving unit is plays an obnoxious amount of pink and red and hearts. Oh yeah I even did balloons. I even made a "love" banner. My heart loves pyrex. Doesn't yours?

The top features DWD pink fridgie a and a lonely pink gooseberry fridgie. A pink 024, a pink dessert dawn pink 024, dessert dawn pie plate and a red hostess. Also a Hazel Atlas food chopper with pink handles.

The middle features a daisy 043, desert dawn utility dish, gooseberry 401 and a gooseberry 471.

The bottom has Hazel Atlas crinoline plates an a crinoline cup and saucer set. Plus 2 pink pyrex cake pans.

To add a little pazzas I made a banner with pink ribbon and used some red and pink fabrics I had on hand. To top it off I sprinkled a little craft herpes (glitter) around it.

I think this is my favorite display yet.

So I hope you have a good day regardless of the "holiday."......Holiday my ass, greedy card companies.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

I have Eyes for Pyrex

Last Friday during my normal routine I stopped at Salvation Army after I dropped off THM at school.  Before school we played cars and treasure hunt. Yup my kid loves to hunt for treasures too.

I walked in and saw this bowl set. A complete Verde Cinderella set. The 442 was pretty marked up. I didn't take it. (well as you can see here I did take it, but back to the story)

Then I saw this mismatch of bowls.  A green and an orange. Now I like the orange it was in awful condition.  So they stayed too. Also stayed was a primary yellow bowl, for $15. Yeah crazy price there for a not great condition yellow primary. (wish my phone showed the damage a little better) I went back Saturday and they had been taken. I saw the ladies and their cart. They looked like resellers by the stuff in their cart and the way the nit-picked at stuff. Haha they didn't get my score the day before!

Orange and green $12.50

yellow primary $15

Then on the other side of the shelving unit I spotted something. My heart started to pump really fast. My heart was racing. There was someone else on the other side. I reached my hand through and grabbed those suckers.

Yes they wrap in bed pads. Surprisingly they work well for the job. I reuse them for my dog. 

Do you want to know what is in here?

I know you do. But I am not going to show you...yet.

After I snatched them up I grabbed the green set. Since it was a discount day I thought why not, it was a whole set. And I love green. And I have seen that marked up bowl before, if need be I could replace it. But it cleaned up great. So yay! For $15 I consider it a steal for a full set. And they look pretty on my shelf next to my flour.

Now back to that set my heart raced over. Are you ready for it???

This set is nicked named "Eyes." 
According to Pyrex Love this set is called "Hot 'N' Cold Chip and Dip."
It is a 403 and 401. 
These are unmarked. No stamps on the bottom. 

They originally had them marked at 12.50.
NO FREAKING WAY! I would have bought them at that price.
   Holy poo. I was smiling from ear to ear.

It should have a bracket, but I will take it anyway I can. Except DWD. I did find a DWD one a few months ago, at the same salvation army. That was a sad day. I passed it for weeks and my heart broke every time. Now I have a nice and perfect set. 

The DWD one I found a few months ago. How sad.
 Looks like someone bought it though cause it was just gone one day.
They should of held out, wait no they shouldn't have.
Cause I wouldn't have got them then!  

I looked it up on Ebay and they want $150.
I paid $6.50

I know!!!! I know!!!! 

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Comparing cleaners

I like to experiment with my cleaners.  After taking the plunge using oven cleaner I figured nothing can do harm except the dishwasher.  For me at least so far. Now I know the rights and wrongs to cleaning like NEVER use oven cleaner on gold leaf.

I picked this Verde casserole set up at Salvation army for $5. They had the smallest bowl with lid marked separately but they have it to me with the other 2, at the price of the smallest. Thank you Salvation Army!

Anyways I figured I would compare the cleaners I use most often and the one I hardly use. Oven cleaner, soap and water and orange cleaner.

1. Verde 473, yellowish in color. Major baked on grease. Dirty, worst of the 3.

2. Verde 474, yellow greenish color,. Minor baked on grease. Dirty, cleanest of the 3. 

3. Verde 475, green color, Some weird white stuff on outside, inside baked on grease and something I have no clue what it is. Second worst of the 3. 

I sprayed each with the receptive cleaning partners and let them sit for about 10 minutes. Then I gave them each a nice bath of just plain soap and warm water.

Oven cleaner
473 Verde
Worked great, could of used a little longer of a soak, most all grime is off. 

Orange cleaner
474 Verde
Took a little of the grime off, dirt slipped right off

475 Verde
Didn't do a darn thing. A little dirt was taken off. Not the weird junk on the inside or the white stuff on the outside. 

Conclusion: Oven cleaner works fast and better than just plain soap. And didn't hurt the shine of the Verde. Which is known to get DWD fast and not hold up that well.  

Now since I did my little experiment I need to finish cleaning them for the cabinet. I sprayed them all with oven cleaner. This is the 475 after oven cleaner in the middle of it's bath. Yes the water is brown from whatever was on it. GROSS!

Ready for the cabinet, all nice and clean. That oven cleaner does the trick. By the way, wear rubber gloves when using oven cleaner and make sure to get them super clean in their bath!

Perfect colors for my kitchen!

All clean and everything came off the inside of the largest one. Thank gosh. 

Verde 473, 474, 475
There are other cleaners out there. Like Bar Keepers Friend and  Corning-ware cleaner. Lately there has been reports of BKF taking shine off or making dishes more susceptible to scratches and paint damage after it has been used. I tend not to use it anymore, just because it needs scrubbing and I am too lazy.