Tuesday, February 19, 2013


I uses to have a thing for jars. I love storing food in jars. But they all were mismatched and didn't "flow". So in my quest to streamline my kitchen and make it easy and pretty I started collecting Pyrex See and Store canisters. Like I really needed a reason, am I right?

While my cousins were here a few weeks ago I picked up 4 more and think my collection of canisters may be complete. Except for a spaghetti and the spice ones. I need those still.

The ones I got when my cousins where here. 
I have them all on my second shelve in my cabinets. I can easily see them and grab what I need.

Left to right:
Top: Blendor blender, bake-a-round, carafes, can opener
Middle: Canisters
Bottom: measuring cups, lemon juicers, plates, bowls, glasses, coffee mugs. 

Words to the wise: hold your breath when opening the garlic one. Man does that smell worse than THH breath in the morning. I like garlic but not that much!

Anyways aside from keeping in the smell they work really well. They stack great. And they are pretty.

Because that is all that really matters, function and how pretty they are.

My collection includes the patterns:

Spice of Life
Avocado (verde)

One more large one and I am good to go.

These keep cookies crisp. They keep brown sugar soft and garlic smelly. I love my See 'n' Store!

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