Thursday, February 7, 2013

Comparing cleaners

I like to experiment with my cleaners.  After taking the plunge using oven cleaner I figured nothing can do harm except the dishwasher.  For me at least so far. Now I know the rights and wrongs to cleaning like NEVER use oven cleaner on gold leaf.

I picked this Verde casserole set up at Salvation army for $5. They had the smallest bowl with lid marked separately but they have it to me with the other 2, at the price of the smallest. Thank you Salvation Army!

Anyways I figured I would compare the cleaners I use most often and the one I hardly use. Oven cleaner, soap and water and orange cleaner.

1. Verde 473, yellowish in color. Major baked on grease. Dirty, worst of the 3.

2. Verde 474, yellow greenish color,. Minor baked on grease. Dirty, cleanest of the 3. 

3. Verde 475, green color, Some weird white stuff on outside, inside baked on grease and something I have no clue what it is. Second worst of the 3. 

I sprayed each with the receptive cleaning partners and let them sit for about 10 minutes. Then I gave them each a nice bath of just plain soap and warm water.

Oven cleaner
473 Verde
Worked great, could of used a little longer of a soak, most all grime is off. 

Orange cleaner
474 Verde
Took a little of the grime off, dirt slipped right off

475 Verde
Didn't do a darn thing. A little dirt was taken off. Not the weird junk on the inside or the white stuff on the outside. 

Conclusion: Oven cleaner works fast and better than just plain soap. And didn't hurt the shine of the Verde. Which is known to get DWD fast and not hold up that well.  

Now since I did my little experiment I need to finish cleaning them for the cabinet. I sprayed them all with oven cleaner. This is the 475 after oven cleaner in the middle of it's bath. Yes the water is brown from whatever was on it. GROSS!

Ready for the cabinet, all nice and clean. That oven cleaner does the trick. By the way, wear rubber gloves when using oven cleaner and make sure to get them super clean in their bath!

Perfect colors for my kitchen!

All clean and everything came off the inside of the largest one. Thank gosh. 

Verde 473, 474, 475
There are other cleaners out there. Like Bar Keepers Friend and  Corning-ware cleaner. Lately there has been reports of BKF taking shine off or making dishes more susceptible to scratches and paint damage after it has been used. I tend not to use it anymore, just because it needs scrubbing and I am too lazy.


  1. WOW, great! Now I know. I was always a little scared to use oven cleaner on Pyrex...but you only use it on the ones with no gold on it, right? I must try this! Thanks and you got a great deal!

  2. I don't use oven cleaner on my special pieces unless I really need to but the ones I know I can replace sure. And yes NEVER on gold. I tend to treat gold like a baby. There was a girl on Facebook who got a gold leaf lid and the first wash with just soap and water it all came off. We all have no clue why.

    But all that I have used it on have been fine.

  3. I have gold decals on my lids and I use DAWN on it and it comes out great! That is weird, maybe she used a strong soap.

  4. Great experiment - nice to know what works!