Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy valentines day!

Single? Taken? Don't care? Who cares, not me!

Happy "the card companies made up holiday" of valentines day. I'm not a big valentines day person. I prefer 4th of July. But the Pyrex has spoken and I have a valentines display. Only because the pink is so pretty.

On my trash found shelving unit is plays an obnoxious amount of pink and red and hearts. Oh yeah I even did balloons. I even made a "love" banner. My heart loves pyrex. Doesn't yours?

The top features DWD pink fridgie a and a lonely pink gooseberry fridgie. A pink 024, a pink dessert dawn pink 024, dessert dawn pie plate and a red hostess. Also a Hazel Atlas food chopper with pink handles.

The middle features a daisy 043, desert dawn utility dish, gooseberry 401 and a gooseberry 471.

The bottom has Hazel Atlas crinoline plates an a crinoline cup and saucer set. Plus 2 pink pyrex cake pans.

To add a little pazzas I made a banner with pink ribbon and used some red and pink fabrics I had on hand. To top it off I sprinkled a little craft herpes (glitter) around it.

I think this is my favorite display yet.

So I hope you have a good day regardless of the "holiday."......Holiday my ass, greedy card companies.

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  1. Ok, pink is not my favorite color (just not a girly girl I guess), but I'm totally loving your display anyway! It is lovely!