Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Where this is space there is pyrex

THH told me that I can have as much Pyrex as I want IF it fits in the kitchen and china cabinet. HAHA, sure babe.

Well I have news for him. It has migrated to the other end of the dining room.

Butterprint Refrigerator Set, not faded, just some sunlight.

Yes he didn't complain when I brought home the shelf from the trash. But not like I paid any money for it. And I use it just for my display.
All my Snowflakes. Except 1, that is hanging out at my cousins in Michigan.

But when I switched my January display out I didn't have room for all my snowflakes in the china cabinet and no way I wanted to cover them up in the kitchen. So with the organizational eye I have I moved my embroidery space saver to the top of the china cabinet and stacked the snowflakes on my telephone table. Topped it with my complete butterprint fridgie set and TaDa! Beautiful. (my snowflake space saver is with the embroidery)

I hopefully want to acquire 2 more telephone tables. One for each of us to put our iPads and phones one when charging. And of course display pyrex under. Cause they look so freaking awesome.

I get away with everything. I'm so spoiled.


  1. You have a very nice selection of Snowflakes! My little lonesome turquoise one is a bit jealous!

  2. WHAT is with all the Pyrex haters?! My Girlfriend and I turned our friend Jennifer onto Pyrex collecting, and her mother CANT STAND IT! We all Flea market hunt together and her mother always pitches a fit when she brings a new piece of Pyrex home. I say NAY to the Pyrex haters, NAY! The Butterprint fridgies are provably my favorite type of fridgies!

    1. He is smart and keeps his mouth shut. But his mom sent me some for christmas and he didn't look thrilled.

      Boo to all the haters!

  3. Your snowflakes are so pretty!!

  4. What a GREAT idea to display your Pyrex on a vintage telephone stand - so funky & fun! Yeah, the greatest challenge for all of us who are drawn to Pyrex is knowing where and how to display all of those great shapes, sizes & colors. Thanks for the inspiring idea!

  5. Wow your snowflake collection is FANTASTIC!!