Tuesday, March 26, 2013

$5 Gold

2 weeks ago before my parents got here  I had to take my donation to the thrift store.  I was also in need of some shirts. I got my shirts. I like them. They fit and are a bit cooler for the summer.  But I walked down to the furniture to browse and spotted this:

I walked over.  Lifted the seat. It worked.  Great shape. Saw the price $9.99. Picked it up and walked to up to pay.  Half off. Sweet deal.

When I dropped off my donation the guy who helped me commented on my stealth tactic.  He said "I saw you look at it.  Turned my head for a second. Then you and the chair were gone."  I told him I was a pro at this. He laughed. It cleaned up nicely. It was dirttttty.

It cleaned up very nice. And now lives below my wax paper holder I got a few years back. Can you spot some Pyrex in that picture?

Then the next day I had some time to kill before hitting up a friend. So I went into the antique mall I like to browse. Never buy anything. Well I came home with this golden acorn divided dish. Only because it was cheap. Or I would have left it. It is neat. I don't have any golden acorn pyrex yet. Now I do.

Close up of the pattern.

I've cut toilet paper rolls to allow them do stack nicely.

Top to bottom:
Golden Acorn
Early American
Town and Country

And those are just a few of my divideds. 

A small but good few days. Maybe tomorrow will bring me lots of special treats, cause it is my birthday. I am going thrifting. 

Yup that is me!


  1. Great blog!and picture.

  2. I treasure a good Cosco stool! What a great deal, and i admire your "stealth" at an Estate sale we went too last weekend I basically did a run and dive for one of my tresures, as shocked onlookers looked on! (haha that story will be in this friday post!)

  3. I love stealth mode. I had another guy comment on it a different week. Hey what can I say, I know what I want and I get it.

  4. What a desk on the Cosco chair/step stool! It looks great in your kitchen. I'm all for stealth mode when hunting for bargains :)

  5. Happy Birthday and Happy Thrifting!!

  6. I have never seen divided dishes stacked and looking so pretty!

  7. Way to score on the chair - it's a beauty! I have a few of them that I use ALL the time (since I'm vertically challenged) and they're GREAT to have around! I wish we could go thrifting together but we'd probably be attracted to the same stuff - so not a good idea! Today our newest Goodwill is having their "Grand Opening" celebration and I can't wait! :) Happy Birthday!