Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Happy Birthday!


Yup today is my birthday. I'm 28. Well I wasn't born until 9:35pm so I have a few hours. Did I ever tell you I was born in the hallway? That my mother had to convince my father she was in labor? That my dad bought me a purple dress that was size 9month to bring my 8lb little self home in? Well if I didn't you know now.

Since I know THH won't get me Pyrex I went thrifting all by myself. I hit up my normal stores and even found a new one. The new one was clean and very little fun old stuff. Still it as a nice store.

Here are my lovely presents to myself.

Store #1. Salvation Army, Long Beach

Cradle for 404 or "the Beast." I don't have a correct 404 yet. I've seen Square Flowers with this, with a lid. One day I will find one.

Verde 475. With lid. I had a coupon too. I already have this one but I love green. And it had a lid. It may end up for sale soon sans lid.

Store #2. St. Vincents Thrift store. NOTHING! sad sad sad.

Store #3. Salvation Army, Downey

Old Orchard 442. I took a chance that I did not have this one. I need to make a catalog of all my Pyrex so I don't buy anymore of the ones I have.

Yellow 503 Large refrigerator dish, with lid. I got this because it does have a lid. I have 2 others, one for a gift.  I also gave my mom a yellow.   Again this one will end up for sale here in a bit.

Store #4. Goodwill, Downey NOTHING!! sad sad sad

Store #5 Arc Value Village NOTHING!!! again sad sad sad

Store #6 Veterans Thrift Store, Long Beach

Verde Loaf, dirty, cleaned up really nice. My first loaf. I never see loafs, not even at the Antique Market here. I have the lasagna pan, all I need is the square baker.

Kelly Green 024. I love this size. Just last night I made fruit salad in a avocado colored one. Plus these all look great stacked together.

Store #7 Goodwill, Long Beach NOTHING last store was super sad.

Happy Unbirthday today to you all so you don't feel left out.

Do you like the collage frames? I don't think I do. 

All together. 


  1. Happy Birthday!!!! I am going to take a page out of your book and do a thrift store tour on my bday (April 11!)

  2. I want to do this on my birthday! You found some great stuff! Love the loaf pans - I've never seen one in person, either!

  3. Happy Birthday - we're the same age (for a couple more months at least...). I do thrift store tours on my birthday, but my BF takes me, lucky that way. Great Pyrex finds! Loaf pans seem to be pretty not common around here - at least in good condition, although lots of them were made in Canada (is that right)?

    1. Thanks!!

      I never find loaf pans here, not even at pricey antique malls. So when I saw it I was so excited.

  4. Happy Belated Birthday Wishes! Love the yellow refrigerator dish. I have a Blogiversary Giveaway going on at L'Heure Bleue At Home. Come on over and check it out!