Thursday, March 21, 2013

Mini Vacation Finds

So my brother just got back from Afghanistan. He drove out here to see my brother and I and my mother also came along. Yes my immediate family all in one house. Crazy. It was a fantastic 4 days.

On the way down to my other brothers we made a pit stop at the Long Beach Antique Market.  Just my mom, stepdad, THM and I.

Town and Country 045                                          
Marked at $8.
I offered $5 and the woman accepted.

My mother actually spotted this and talked me into it. I do like it.  Saw another at a different both marked $15. I think I got the better deal.


Pie Plates. Pink, Green and White (no handles) Marked $5.  White with handles marked $3. I paid $15 for all, $3.75 a piece.

I wanted the bottom 3. After not finding any pie plates for a year. I talked the lady into $12 for the 3 (and I had to do some bargaining too, she didn't want to come down on her price) Then just as she was getting her money to make me change, almost in my hand I said "throw in this one marked $3 for an even $15)  Basically I got one free. I think when I left she wasn't too happy. I drive a bargain.

Old Orchard 503 Marked $8, paid $5
Early American 503 Marked $8, paid $4

The Early American was on a half off table. I was prepared to offer $5 until I saw it was on the half off table. It finishes my set.

Old Orchard was at the "Pyrex Lady's" table.  She wanted $6 and I literally waved a 5 dollar bill at her and said "5 or nothing for the ugly one."  She reluctantly took the $5. That was the last table  we stopped at for the day.

The next day while my mom and I were waiting for everyone to get ready for the day we took a short (2 hours, LOL) trip to a few thrift stores. THM stayed with my niece and played.

Shenandoah Set $9.99 Goodwill, Mission Bay, San Diego, CA  

Used my gift certificate from christmas for this. My brother got me one and it could only be used at San Diego goodwills. So happy to be able to use it on Pyrex.

I don't care for the pattern in cinderella bowls, but thCinderella Casseroles (480 Set) - 473, 474, 475 is very pretty.

Last but not least is the Top Prize of the trip. Tuesday I had to run to CVS to get some Benadryl as THM had an allergic reaction to the sheets at the rental house we stayed at. He was swollen and red.  And covered in hives. Poor kid. Still he never acted like anything was wrong.

We stopped at a goodwill and there was a little thrift store about 2 doors down. We jumped in, it was Military Discount day (and I had my Army man with me!) I spotted the Friendship 443. The last one I needed to finish the set my mom got when she was married. What was the best part is my mom was with me. She bought it to complete her (my) set. It means the most to complete that set with her.  I will always know that is a replacement, maybe my kid will break it one day like we did hers.

We all drank, played hard and had to say good bye. But not forever. 


  1. Great story and I love your finds!! We never get good bargains at all on Pyrex in my area anywhere!!

  2. wow! those are awesome ones too! congrats!

  3. Pyrex is a hard thing to find in my area, and when I do find a piece the price is sky high. You did find some fabulous Pyrex at great prices. Congrats.

  4. What fun! Quite a few steals you got there!

  5. Dayam girl! You totally scored all that in one day? Jealous with envy. I'll bet your china... aka: Pyrex Cabinet is now overflowing. What's that? It is? And you need to give me some of your overflow? Okay! :D xxoo