Sunday, March 3, 2013

Pyrex I didn't Buy 7

Well since Pyrex hasn't been in total abundance  here lately, there hasn't been much I haven't bought. Until now.

Salvation Army, Long Beach, CA
Butterprint 444

Ugg really $15 for a single, scratched up, faded, awful looking bowl? I think they got their panties on to tight. Went back a few days later and surprise surprise, it was still there. And still didn't come home with me. 

Salvation Army, Long Beach, CA

Verde 442

Another poor bowl left to go to a good home. Slightly dishwasher damaged, and some noticeable scratches. I have this set.  Been there a few weeks now.

Salvation Army, Long Beach, CA
Pink 024

Must be priced by the same person that had their panties on too tight. I have 2 of these (one is for sale). Okay condition. With no lid and a few scratches.

Salvation Amry, Long Beach, CA
Primary Green

Thicker primary green, beat to hell. I think they think just because it is Pyrex they will charge and arm and a leg for beat up ones.  I mean I have some beat up ones, but I paid like a dollar for them, no way I am going to spend over 5 just for the brand name here. 

Maybe they need to buy some larger size panties. Get the blood flowing back so their brain works. I swear they need to chill out on their prices. You are a Thrift Store Salvation Amry, get it togther man!!!

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  1. Gah, those prices are crazy. That's so sad! :(