Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Pyrex soufflé

Would you like to know what is in this box?

I was browsing eBay aka feebay a few week ago. I punched in an searches rare Pyrex. Just for a laugh. It normally has some random DWD for a laughable amount of change.

Well I spotted something. Something I have only ever seen on Flickr.

I instantly hit "watch item".

I watched. And watched. And no one bid.

I bid with 10 seconds left.

I won. That is what I do. Wait to the last 10 seconds and swoop in. Haha makes me feel all mission impossible.

So here it what it is.

A Pyrex soufflé dish. 8 1/2 inches in diameter. White aka opal. They come in a set of 3. The hunt is on.

Now they did make these in color an one day I will own them. Also they are marked pyrex.

The small ones are Federal. The larger one is Pyrex!

I also have these federal soufflé dishes. Picked them up at Salvation Army for cheap. Perfect for individual chocolate soufflés.

Yummy chocolate soufflé. Next Tuesday I will show you it in action making chocolate soufflé.


  1. There are different color Pyrex souffle bowls- see them here:

    1. I know! I want them so bad! One day I will have them.