Friday, April 26, 2013

DW'd Friendship

Sometimes I buy Dishwashered (DW'd) pyrex.

Not always, but sometimes it is pretty just like it's perfect sisters.

I was out and about yesterday and came across a friendship 401 and 403. All the orange was gone but the red stayed. The 403 has more damage than the 401. But still the pattern is nice even being DWD.

It looks as if someone really loved the 403. I am sure they used it for making their kid waffles. Or maybe they were like me and loved a good pie. I often wonder about their past lives and who owned them. Living in a old apartment I feel like I am bringing them home, back to their heyday. I treat all my Pyrex, even the DWD ones with care and respect.

I have a love for this pattern, as most Pyrex collectors do. Mine comes from the fact my mother got the pattern as a gift in 1973 (see that post here). I feel like maybe I can have a little bit of what she had at one time.

The effect the dishwasher has on this set is very cool. It took all the orange away and faded the red to a sorta pink color. Not one speck of orange is left. A sign of a very loved bowl.

I also found 2 Irish Coffee Pedestal Mugs. I think they may be federal. They are not marked and I haven't seen the pattern of the old coffee maker on mugs before. Perfect when you need a little pick me up in the morning or night, or hell, anytime. (I like to drink the morning, it is 5o'clock somewhere right?)

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Griffith's Pink Spice Rack

What a wonderful Wednesday here in Southern California. Clouds in the sky, my house is clean and I'm happily sitting on my butt.

Yesterday I ran down to the thrift store because I saw something there Saturday I thought I may have the lid to.  Come to find out after hunting in my cabinet I have the lid.

It is a Federal refrigerator dish.  The lid came from my mother.  The bottom I paid a whopping fifty cents for.  There are neat little dishes with vegtables on the lid.  Makes them a little more appealing than just plain fridgies.

I had to search for the bottom.  I had remember setting it inside a bowl at the store.  But this thrift shop is dirty and all over so it took some digging.  I almost gave up when I saw a plate on a bowl and it was comfy inside there.

As I went to pay I saw something in a glass case up front.  A pink Griffith's spice rack.  Missing one lid.  How cute.

I thought since it was up front in the case they wanted too much for my budget.  Come to find out I got it for a steal.  Since a lid was missing they had it marked way low.  I took it.  Maybe one day I will find that one pink lid.  You never know right?

Looked it up on eBay and the last set sold for $70.  I think I did good at paying $10.
What is "Roastmeat Seasoning"?

I've always liked the milk glass spice jars. So cute and clean.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Tea for 1

Ever since I saw a Pyrex Flameware teapot I have been in love.  I have only seen them in person at a local antique mall and it was way over my price point.  So I have been hopelessly hoping I would run across one at a thrift. No luck.

When I visited my brother last month the rental house we stayed at at one.  I so wanted to steal it but I did the right thing and left it there.

One day I knew I would find one just for me.

Today was the montly antique market here.  Some of the items I saw were complete gooseberry freebie set (2 of them). Racks and racks of clothing.  Various depression glass. And anything really you could be looking for.  I went by myself this time.  Got through the whole thing in an hour and a half.  I was looking for certain things or I could of been there all day long.

I said no to a $20 telephone table.  $20 pink Daisy 045.  $15 snowflake space saver, no lid. $120 lamp of grapes.

I did however find the 471 Spring blossom cinderlla casserole to complete my set. Picked it up for cheap from the same man I got the Early American 503 form last month.  On the same table he had a 045 Golden Rose with lid.  I actually didn't even know what the name was when I bought it.  There are so many Golden names they are hard to keep track of. Came home and figured it out.

Then I was about to leave and noticed there was a stray isle I missed.  I thought, what the hell, why not.   So I started walking.  Then I heard "Yuuuppp". I was startled and confused for a moment at the loud noise.  I heard it again.  "Yuuuuuuuuppppp."  I looked to my left. And in my face was Dave Hester. Name sound familiar? Yeah the annoying guy for storage wars. He had a booth there.  And what what did he have at his packed booth? A pyrex tea pot!

I asked his girl how much. She took the tea pot and went to ask.  Dave turned around and said "$15". I of course countered with $13. He looked at me like who is she trying to haggle with me.  He said "I told someone earlier $25." I looked at him with my sassy pulled back hair perfectly done,  bright eyes and said "we'll I wasn't here then, so I don't know that for sure". He said. "Let's start over $25". Me: "$13." He laughed.  Needless to say it came home with me for $15. I should of asked for a picture of us with it. To late now.

Small but great scores of the day. 

He isn't as obnoxious in real life.  Actually he is a nice guy. And his prices reasonable. My first ever semi celebrity meeting.

Check another set competed off. 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Gravy Boats

Who here has a gravy boat? I don't think many people do these days. I mean how often does a person eat gravy. I am not talking about those southerners who eat it with breakfast, lunch and dinner. I am talking about the rest of the world.

Gravy in our house is pretty limited. I try to eat healthy food. Not always but gravy to me is for mashed potatoes and turkey. So we have it maybe once a year. Unless you count those special days where I have really f*cked up and need to make chocolate gravy for THH to undo my wrong. 

I have 2 gravy boats. One from the US and one from England. 

The US one is Spring Blossom. I got it from ebay a few years back. I think I got this with a salt and pepper shaker set. I cannot remember.

The England one I found last year at Salvation Army here. I paid about $5 for it. It is blue. 

Now they have a big difference.  One is 'milk glass." You know they white glass with a fired on pattern. The other is a clear glass with is sprayed on color. The stamp is backwards unless looked at from the inside, which you can barley see.

The Crown Stamp

It reminds me of the ocean water from Aruba. I went when I was in high school. My dad took me for spring break as a freshman. It was a fun trip. I will admit I did some fun stupid stuff then. Made some of the best memories and stories I will tell my kid when he is older. Like way older, an adult and knows better.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Homemade light box.

I'm getting to start the lovely task of cataloging all my pyrex.  I'm going extreme and making a book for myself with everything I own (pyrex) and labeling it and adding notes.

Trying to get all my pictures to look like this, uniform and simple. 
In order to make this book I wanted to take picture that showcase just the pyrex and use a neutral  background.  I also wanted the pictures to look the same.  Since I don't want to spend money on a light box I made my own.

I searched for a box.  Found one in a recycle bin a few alleys away.  A little duct tape, some white fabric, box cutter and poster board I came up with this.

It works wonderful.  I cut out 2 sides.  I then duct taped a double layer of white quilters fabric (that I had on hand) over the cut outs.  I then played the matte side of the poster board up inside it.  Curved at the back so you don't see the seams.

How do the pictures look? Two lamps with no shades on the sides allow the perfect light to come inside.

must work on it do I don't get reflections. 
Pretty happy with my cheap light box.  Now if only THM would leave it alone.  Boxes are the best toys, for both kids and adults.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Spring Blossom 2

Okay A little educational post for you.

Pyrex made 2 versions of Spring Blossom. Some times called Crazy Daisy. Crazy Daisy is not the correct name so don't use it, ever!

The first design was introduced in 1972. It was so go along with the Corelle Spring Blossom line.  Here is the line that started it all for Spring Blossom.

These are my dishes. I found a set of these while thrifting one day. I didn't notice until I pulled them out a few months later I scored the cream and sugar with them. How awesome.

This is the older design. As you can see the flowers are large, there are sideways flowers and no leaves.

Second design, small with leaves.
The second design was introduced in 1979. It isn't as popular as the first.

I happen to complete my set of Cinderella Casseroles last weekend. I didn't even notice it until I washed them and went to put them away. I had the small one in my cabinet. YAY for completing a set.

475, 474, 473

Aren't they pretty?  I love Spring Blossom.  It is the pattern that drew me into Pyrex. Something about the green and the flowers that screams Retro to me.

I have a bit of  Spring Blossom collection going on. And I am not even close to finishing it. From Corelle, Pyrex and Gemco making this pattern there is a bunch. Plus all the knock off stuff like glasses.

One day I will have all the pieces. It is probably the only one I want to have totally complete. 

ps. new camera is nice.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Canon Powershot SX260HS

Sorry I have been away. I am getting a new camera and have been waiting for it to get here.

This is a shameless plug post.

My husband is in Vegas at the NAB Show. It is a digital medial event  for film, audio, video and communications professionals. Meaning he is off on a little field trip for work. He has been in meetings and presentaions most of the time. No time for fun.

He scored me a Canan Powershot SX260HS. I don't have a camera. See since he works in the film industry he has all the latest and greatest camera gear over at I normally like to get the Canon 5D or 7D. But they sometimes don't have any for me to borrow. So I use the iPad. Well now I get my own little camera. A point and shoot, but none the less a camera.

For the next few months I will let you know how I like it. I am not getting paid by Canon. 27 Notch isn't paying me either (but they should, bahahaha). But I can plug them shamelessly. If you are ever in need of a camera in the Los Angeles area, check them out. Really tell THH I sent you and you like my blog, he will laugh and help you out. 

Pretty soon you will get a chance to see some of my husbands work. He (and 27 Notch) just finished up on a Flaming Lips documentary (along with MTV)  and a short documentary on Shepard Fairey. They are also a production company, use them. They rock!

Enough about them.

Here is a cute picture of my dog.

Don Juan sleepin

Friday, April 5, 2013

Gooseberry, Fancies, Snowflakes OH MY!

I don't know why but lately it has been dead here. Not nothing at all, but usually nothing good.  Tuesday  I went to 6 thrift stores (yes 6!) and came home with 1 thing. I did however see 3 more things. Over priced by miles.

Not kidding you: The 471 and the 473 were $34. The 472 was $18. At a Thrift shop. (picture is from their Craigslist ad). Now I am sorry, but antique stores are less than that for this set. They are out of their mind!

Who thinks they will sell? Not me.

Then Wednesday I had an appointment at 10:30.  What an awful time.  No time to clean or work out before, and little time for lunch after. So I hit up the thrift stores that were only on my way there. That would be 2. A Goodwill and Salvation Army.

Now Salvation Army usually always have something. And like always they had a few things today.

A Pink Gooseberry 444. I bought it. They also had a Verde 475 but I have 2 of those already so I left it.

Then I went to goodwill. Now this one never has anything. It is an awful store.  Mostly clothing. Household items are always plastic cups and mismatched plates. But I lucked out.

I found this 043. I'm thinking it goes to the Daisy set. I hope so. Now to find the lid.

After I was happy with my orange I went down a few more isles. Nothing. Then back to the isle I found the orange and I spotted this snowflake divided.
I already have this one so it may go to my mom or my cousin.  The one that has the best comment on this post will get it.  Lets see if they read my blog.

Goodwill has better pricing than Salvation Army.

That one that I found Tuesday is one that is seeked by all. The unicorn of Pyrex. The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Just kidding.

It is just a 471 Forest Fancies. Ugly pattern that I happen to love!