Friday, April 26, 2013

DW'd Friendship

Sometimes I buy Dishwashered (DW'd) pyrex.

Not always, but sometimes it is pretty just like it's perfect sisters.

I was out and about yesterday and came across a friendship 401 and 403. All the orange was gone but the red stayed. The 403 has more damage than the 401. But still the pattern is nice even being DWD.

It looks as if someone really loved the 403. I am sure they used it for making their kid waffles. Or maybe they were like me and loved a good pie. I often wonder about their past lives and who owned them. Living in a old apartment I feel like I am bringing them home, back to their heyday. I treat all my Pyrex, even the DWD ones with care and respect.

I have a love for this pattern, as most Pyrex collectors do. Mine comes from the fact my mother got the pattern as a gift in 1973 (see that post here). I feel like maybe I can have a little bit of what she had at one time.

The effect the dishwasher has on this set is very cool. It took all the orange away and faded the red to a sorta pink color. Not one speck of orange is left. A sign of a very loved bowl.

I also found 2 Irish Coffee Pedestal Mugs. I think they may be federal. They are not marked and I haven't seen the pattern of the old coffee maker on mugs before. Perfect when you need a little pick me up in the morning or night, or hell, anytime. (I like to drink the morning, it is 5o'clock somewhere right?)


  1. Every bowl has a story. I went to my aunts for Christmas & she had a set of Friendship along with Butterprint, both that she got for her wedding shower. The only one that was DWD was the 441. My aunt always used it for chicken noodle soup for her 2 daughters when they got sick & it fit the soup they bought perfectly. I guess it was the only bowl they used regularly.

  2. That's pretty cool looking! I saw the thumbnail on thriftasaurous and thought, "what the hell are those?!" I've never seen the dishwasher not completely ruin Pyrex. Neat find!