Friday, April 5, 2013

Gooseberry, Fancies, Snowflakes OH MY!

I don't know why but lately it has been dead here. Not nothing at all, but usually nothing good.  Tuesday  I went to 6 thrift stores (yes 6!) and came home with 1 thing. I did however see 3 more things. Over priced by miles.

Not kidding you: The 471 and the 473 were $34. The 472 was $18. At a Thrift shop. (picture is from their Craigslist ad). Now I am sorry, but antique stores are less than that for this set. They are out of their mind!

Who thinks they will sell? Not me.

Then Wednesday I had an appointment at 10:30.  What an awful time.  No time to clean or work out before, and little time for lunch after. So I hit up the thrift stores that were only on my way there. That would be 2. A Goodwill and Salvation Army.

Now Salvation Army usually always have something. And like always they had a few things today.

A Pink Gooseberry 444. I bought it. They also had a Verde 475 but I have 2 of those already so I left it.

Then I went to goodwill. Now this one never has anything. It is an awful store.  Mostly clothing. Household items are always plastic cups and mismatched plates. But I lucked out.

I found this 043. I'm thinking it goes to the Daisy set. I hope so. Now to find the lid.

After I was happy with my orange I went down a few more isles. Nothing. Then back to the isle I found the orange and I spotted this snowflake divided.
I already have this one so it may go to my mom or my cousin.  The one that has the best comment on this post will get it.  Lets see if they read my blog.

Goodwill has better pricing than Salvation Army.

That one that I found Tuesday is one that is seeked by all. The unicorn of Pyrex. The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Just kidding.

It is just a 471 Forest Fancies. Ugly pattern that I happen to love!


  1. WHAT?! Those are crazy prices for those autumn harvest ones... I've seen them at antique stores for $6-10 each! Today I saw a yellow and black gooseberry cinderella bowl that was cheaper in the antique store than the exact SAME one at the thrift store next door. No joke.

  2. Wow - those Autumn Harvest must have been lined with precious metal. It's pretty slow around here too - absolutely nothing, not even DWD at VV or SA.

  3. (Sung to it's a Marshmellow World) It's a marshmello world in the winter, when the snow comes to cover the dish. Oh how I've been yearning for the snoflake divided dish. It'd look so pretty, with vegies in it!