Thursday, April 18, 2013

Gravy Boats

Who here has a gravy boat? I don't think many people do these days. I mean how often does a person eat gravy. I am not talking about those southerners who eat it with breakfast, lunch and dinner. I am talking about the rest of the world.

Gravy in our house is pretty limited. I try to eat healthy food. Not always but gravy to me is for mashed potatoes and turkey. So we have it maybe once a year. Unless you count those special days where I have really f*cked up and need to make chocolate gravy for THH to undo my wrong. 

I have 2 gravy boats. One from the US and one from England. 

The US one is Spring Blossom. I got it from ebay a few years back. I think I got this with a salt and pepper shaker set. I cannot remember.

The England one I found last year at Salvation Army here. I paid about $5 for it. It is blue. 

Now they have a big difference.  One is 'milk glass." You know they white glass with a fired on pattern. The other is a clear glass with is sprayed on color. The stamp is backwards unless looked at from the inside, which you can barley see.

The Crown Stamp

It reminds me of the ocean water from Aruba. I went when I was in high school. My dad took me for spring break as a freshman. It was a fun trip. I will admit I did some fun stupid stuff then. Made some of the best memories and stories I will tell my kid when he is older. Like way older, an adult and knows better.

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