Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Griffith's Pink Spice Rack

What a wonderful Wednesday here in Southern California. Clouds in the sky, my house is clean and I'm happily sitting on my butt.

Yesterday I ran down to the thrift store because I saw something there Saturday I thought I may have the lid to.  Come to find out after hunting in my cabinet I have the lid.

It is a Federal refrigerator dish.  The lid came from my mother.  The bottom I paid a whopping fifty cents for.  There are neat little dishes with vegtables on the lid.  Makes them a little more appealing than just plain fridgies.

I had to search for the bottom.  I had remember setting it inside a bowl at the store.  But this thrift shop is dirty and all over so it took some digging.  I almost gave up when I saw a plate on a bowl and it was comfy inside there.

As I went to pay I saw something in a glass case up front.  A pink Griffith's spice rack.  Missing one lid.  How cute.

I thought since it was up front in the case they wanted too much for my budget.  Come to find out I got it for a steal.  Since a lid was missing they had it marked way low.  I took it.  Maybe one day I will find that one pink lid.  You never know right?

Looked it up on eBay and the last set sold for $70.  I think I did good at paying $10.
What is "Roastmeat Seasoning"?

I've always liked the milk glass spice jars. So cute and clean.

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