Friday, April 12, 2013

Spring Blossom 2

Okay A little educational post for you.

Pyrex made 2 versions of Spring Blossom. Some times called Crazy Daisy. Crazy Daisy is not the correct name so don't use it, ever!

The first design was introduced in 1972. It was so go along with the Corelle Spring Blossom line.  Here is the line that started it all for Spring Blossom.

These are my dishes. I found a set of these while thrifting one day. I didn't notice until I pulled them out a few months later I scored the cream and sugar with them. How awesome.

This is the older design. As you can see the flowers are large, there are sideways flowers and no leaves.

Second design, small with leaves.
The second design was introduced in 1979. It isn't as popular as the first.

I happen to complete my set of Cinderella Casseroles last weekend. I didn't even notice it until I washed them and went to put them away. I had the small one in my cabinet. YAY for completing a set.

475, 474, 473

Aren't they pretty?  I love Spring Blossom.  It is the pattern that drew me into Pyrex. Something about the green and the flowers that screams Retro to me.

I have a bit of  Spring Blossom collection going on. And I am not even close to finishing it. From Corelle, Pyrex and Gemco making this pattern there is a bunch. Plus all the knock off stuff like glasses.

One day I will have all the pieces. It is probably the only one I want to have totally complete. 

ps. new camera is nice.


  1. I like Spring Blossom too, it's just such a cheery pattern!!

  2. I'm liking SB more and more. I have more pieces than I realized- stuff like the largest oval casserole and serving pieces. You're right, there are a ton of pieces in this pattern!