Sunday, April 21, 2013

Tea for 1

Ever since I saw a Pyrex Flameware teapot I have been in love.  I have only seen them in person at a local antique mall and it was way over my price point.  So I have been hopelessly hoping I would run across one at a thrift. No luck.

When I visited my brother last month the rental house we stayed at at one.  I so wanted to steal it but I did the right thing and left it there.

One day I knew I would find one just for me.

Today was the montly antique market here.  Some of the items I saw were complete gooseberry freebie set (2 of them). Racks and racks of clothing.  Various depression glass. And anything really you could be looking for.  I went by myself this time.  Got through the whole thing in an hour and a half.  I was looking for certain things or I could of been there all day long.

I said no to a $20 telephone table.  $20 pink Daisy 045.  $15 snowflake space saver, no lid. $120 lamp of grapes.

I did however find the 471 Spring blossom cinderlla casserole to complete my set. Picked it up for cheap from the same man I got the Early American 503 form last month.  On the same table he had a 045 Golden Rose with lid.  I actually didn't even know what the name was when I bought it.  There are so many Golden names they are hard to keep track of. Came home and figured it out.

Then I was about to leave and noticed there was a stray isle I missed.  I thought, what the hell, why not.   So I started walking.  Then I heard "Yuuuppp". I was startled and confused for a moment at the loud noise.  I heard it again.  "Yuuuuuuuuppppp."  I looked to my left. And in my face was Dave Hester. Name sound familiar? Yeah the annoying guy for storage wars. He had a booth there.  And what what did he have at his packed booth? A pyrex tea pot!

I asked his girl how much. She took the tea pot and went to ask.  Dave turned around and said "$15". I of course countered with $13. He looked at me like who is she trying to haggle with me.  He said "I told someone earlier $25." I looked at him with my sassy pulled back hair perfectly done,  bright eyes and said "we'll I wasn't here then, so I don't know that for sure". He said. "Let's start over $25". Me: "$13." He laughed.  Needless to say it came home with me for $15. I should of asked for a picture of us with it. To late now.

Small but great scores of the day. 

He isn't as obnoxious in real life.  Actually he is a nice guy. And his prices reasonable. My first ever semi celebrity meeting.

Check another set competed off. 

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  1. How exciting - your teapot will be your most famous piece of Pyrex!!!