Monday, May 27, 2013

Shameless buy my stuff 1

Okay I am clearing house!

I have decided I don't want a bunch of my stuff. But you might!

I ship from 90802. I try my best to pack light. But I always add insurance.

Want some of it? Buy it from me.

441 Early American, $5 plus shipping. 

Salton yogurt cups (milk glass) with 2 lids $10 plus shipping

Fireking chaffing dish, $50 shipped

Gemco pepper grinder, missing metal ring. won't tighten tight.  $5 plus shipping

Butterfly gold - make offers! 443, 2-403 (pattern 1 and 2) 043, 045 has chip on handle of lid.
yellow 503 - make offer (not including shipping)
Verde 475 $10 plus shipping.
Homestead set $45 OBO plus shipping.

Email me at if you are interested. I accept Paypal, local pickup is also available. Buy a bunch and  I  will give great discounts!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Harvest Promo x2!

I'm so freaking excited. I love Old Orchard. It speaks to me, and only me by the looks of it in the Pyrex world.  I was browsing the Internet looking for the last piece of the refrigerator set. I'm desperate. I don't like buying online. I don't like the wait. I don't like shipping prices. I don't like PayPal fees.

But then while surfing etsy I saw these:

Oh how I love thee.  The cute hunger cradle.  The simple non fade orange. The patterned lid.

And both sizes.

Would I find these in a thrift ever? No clue.  Would I ever find both at thrifts? Least likely. If I even did find them would I have found them with the plastic huggers? Really really doubt it.

So I hit "add to cart" and paid.

Instant satisfaction not there.  I spent my weekend waiting for shipping notification.  Sadly I didn't get one. I got a message asking for more shipping money.  Luckily the problem was fixed and I didn't  (and wouldn't. It is against the rules) have to spend any extra or cancel the sale.

Then I waited.  And waited. It always seem like shit takes forever to come! I want it NOW! See why I like "in the wild."  I'm impatient.

Luckily I didn't need to wait. They came Wednesday. Pretty quick shipping. They were packed great. Lots of bubble wrap.

The largest size is a 475. Lid is a also a 475

Smallest is a 473 with the lid labeled 470. Wonder why they labeled the lid differently.

So happy, now I need to find a shelf for my new beauties. I have been looking for a new shelf for a long time. Maybe I will find one soon. I cannot keep cramming all the Pyrex in my china cabinet.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Orange Flower Dishes, Out of this world price

So I had to buy groceries this week. Feed the kid. Feed the husband. You know, keep them alive. More important keep them happy and out of my hair. So before I ran off to the dreaded food palace I stopped at SA.


Pyrex - 0
Pyr-o-rey - 4

Orange flower dishes - 62

Do you like these? They have orange flowers on them. Some speckliy brown marks. I should have looked at the maker. 62 pieces. Looked like they came straight from the late 70s, early 80s and some housewife who was bored to tears would buy. I mean who would buy so much of one pattern? One ceramic pattern that is Orange Speckley Flowers! (Sorry if you like them, they just are not my style)

Here are some more.

Oh look they take up the entire shelf.

BTW did I mention they were marked at $699.99.

No I did not use one too many 9s. At Salvation Army. $11.29 each piece.

Am I missing something? 

Friday, May 17, 2013

Spring Blossom Fridgies

Okay so when I first got my butterprint fridgies I spent a total of like $7 on eBay. Local pick up was free. It was 2- 501s and a 502. This was way back in 2005. I have since completed the set. Only took 7 years to get the 503.

I felt like this was going to happen again with the spring blossom fridgies. 2 years ago I snatched up 2 501s for 25 cents each.

Then later that same year I found a the 502 for $5 at the antique market.

This 503 has been mocking me. I find yellow 503s all the freaking time. I am sick of yellow 503s.

I have about given up on the whole thing. Thinking "well in about 5 years I will find the large fridgie".

Then Facebook happens. I got on during THM's nap. (Yes he takes naps. I'm one lucky mo-fo) My super awesome cousin Michelle had posted this:

And tagged me. And bought them for me (I of course promptly took THH's check book and wrote her a check. Lol). I have it. Sorta. She lives in Michigan. I live in California. Thank goodness I am going home this summer and will gladly pick them up.

And because I am awesome, don't disagree with me in that, I am giving the 501 and 502 to the newest pyrex lover, another cousin. It is Michelle's Sister in law too. SB is her favorite. I hope it doesn't take her 7 years to complete the set.

Jennie, May the Pyrex Gods be ever in your favor.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Honeysuckle & Kim Chee

I have not found anything worth buying at the thrift stores in a week. Maybe 2 weeks.

At least we have online shopping right? I am a member of a facebook group that discusses, shares and drools over Pyrex. One woman, fairly close to me posted she was going to sell that the Long Beach Antique and Flea Market in June.

She was open to presales. So I busted my butt and drove the 30 minutes to go have a look.

I had already told her I wanted a Honeysuckle and Empire Scroll 043. THM loves the 043. He picked it out.

He had picked it out from my Pyrex Passion book. When I saw the woman had it I knew I had to buy it for him. I am planning on giving him a full set (Early American or Old Orchard) if he ever gets married.  This will go to his future home too. This was produced in 1961. It comes with a cradle with plastic handles. I am on the search for that now.

The Honeysuckle is a 2.5 quart rectangular dish with nice large handles (055 is the number on it). It has a domed lid. It is with with a gold flower pattern on it. I did not have one of this size and shape yet. It will be perfect for casseroles. I find the pattern very dainty for the size and shape.  These were produced 1962-1965.  A separate wooden tray was made for them. Sometimes sold with them, but not always.

While we were there I got to look through the rest of it. I found a 502 from the Old Orchard set. All I need now is the tan-ish color 501. I didn't even notice this in pictures she had posted. Very excited to have another piece of my favorite pattern.

THM also was looking though it all. He is such a good kid, being very polite and careful. I pointed this out.

An Early American 404. He hugged it. I bought just for him. You would think it goes with the 401-403 (300 series) but it doesn't.  It is a promotional item form the late 60s. It came with a lid (#626) and a cradle. I found the cradle on my birthday with year. 

Now to find the lid. Ugg always on the hunt for something. 

and my favorite........

Kim Chee. 

Produced in 1972.  both the Base and Cover are fired on yellow. Not a bright yellow, a very calm yellow. The brown pattern is a mix of swirls and flowers. I fell instantly in love with it. I have never seen it in person. Its beauty does not show in pictures. It also came with a cradle, again I am on the look out for that too.

Kim Chee lid pattern. 

I got a bunch in one day. Made up for the lack of thrift store stuff here. Now to find places for it all. 

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

What is in the box 2, Pyrex passion

Wanna play what is in the box 2?

Sure you do.

Last week I ordered something online.  Not a pretty dish, sad to say, but something just as awesome.

Okay I let you give up. I am too excited.

I bought the newest book; "Pyrex Passion" by Michael Barber. It is a collector's guide to opal Pyrex. He pretty much as listed most of the opal Pyrex made. It also serves as a guide to establish a value. But don't sell your Pyrex at these prices, no one wants to pay retail. Keep the prices low so all the people can enjoy it, not just the people who have cash to spare.

According to the website

"This book is the first comprehensive pictorial reference of standard and promotional items produced on PYREX in North America from the 1940s through the 1980s. With this book, the complete chronological history of the thousands of colors and patterns of vintage PYREX bowls and bake ware are available in one easy-to-use reference guide"

It is a good read. Something to have on your coffee table to spark conversation. 

The pictures are nice and clear. They have a small description about the size and year made, if known.  There is also a nice pattern reference in the back. makes knowing your patterns a breeze. 

I am happy with the book, and cannot wait to see the second edition, maybe with some unknown patterns coming out of the woodworks for it? 

I can tell you one thing. This book surpasses the other Pyrex books out there. (in regards to the opal)

And If you are not a member yet, you can find his  group; "Pyrex Passion" on Facebook.  There you can find answers to questions and post your own pictures of beautiful Pyrex.