Thursday, May 23, 2013

Harvest Promo x2!

I'm so freaking excited. I love Old Orchard. It speaks to me, and only me by the looks of it in the Pyrex world.  I was browsing the Internet looking for the last piece of the refrigerator set. I'm desperate. I don't like buying online. I don't like the wait. I don't like shipping prices. I don't like PayPal fees.

But then while surfing etsy I saw these:

Oh how I love thee.  The cute hunger cradle.  The simple non fade orange. The patterned lid.

And both sizes.

Would I find these in a thrift ever? No clue.  Would I ever find both at thrifts? Least likely. If I even did find them would I have found them with the plastic huggers? Really really doubt it.

So I hit "add to cart" and paid.

Instant satisfaction not there.  I spent my weekend waiting for shipping notification.  Sadly I didn't get one. I got a message asking for more shipping money.  Luckily the problem was fixed and I didn't  (and wouldn't. It is against the rules) have to spend any extra or cancel the sale.

Then I waited.  And waited. It always seem like shit takes forever to come! I want it NOW! See why I like "in the wild."  I'm impatient.

Luckily I didn't need to wait. They came Wednesday. Pretty quick shipping. They were packed great. Lots of bubble wrap.

The largest size is a 475. Lid is a also a 475

Smallest is a 473 with the lid labeled 470. Wonder why they labeled the lid differently.

So happy, now I need to find a shelf for my new beauties. I have been looking for a new shelf for a long time. Maybe I will find one soon. I cannot keep cramming all the Pyrex in my china cabinet.