Monday, May 13, 2013

Honeysuckle & Kim Chee

I have not found anything worth buying at the thrift stores in a week. Maybe 2 weeks.

At least we have online shopping right? I am a member of a facebook group that discusses, shares and drools over Pyrex. One woman, fairly close to me posted she was going to sell that the Long Beach Antique and Flea Market in June.

She was open to presales. So I busted my butt and drove the 30 minutes to go have a look.

I had already told her I wanted a Honeysuckle and Empire Scroll 043. THM loves the 043. He picked it out.

He had picked it out from my Pyrex Passion book. When I saw the woman had it I knew I had to buy it for him. I am planning on giving him a full set (Early American or Old Orchard) if he ever gets married.  This will go to his future home too. This was produced in 1961. It comes with a cradle with plastic handles. I am on the search for that now.

The Honeysuckle is a 2.5 quart rectangular dish with nice large handles (055 is the number on it). It has a domed lid. It is with with a gold flower pattern on it. I did not have one of this size and shape yet. It will be perfect for casseroles. I find the pattern very dainty for the size and shape.  These were produced 1962-1965.  A separate wooden tray was made for them. Sometimes sold with them, but not always.

While we were there I got to look through the rest of it. I found a 502 from the Old Orchard set. All I need now is the tan-ish color 501. I didn't even notice this in pictures she had posted. Very excited to have another piece of my favorite pattern.

THM also was looking though it all. He is such a good kid, being very polite and careful. I pointed this out.

An Early American 404. He hugged it. I bought just for him. You would think it goes with the 401-403 (300 series) but it doesn't.  It is a promotional item form the late 60s. It came with a lid (#626) and a cradle. I found the cradle on my birthday with year. 

Now to find the lid. Ugg always on the hunt for something. 

and my favorite........

Kim Chee. 

Produced in 1972.  both the Base and Cover are fired on yellow. Not a bright yellow, a very calm yellow. The brown pattern is a mix of swirls and flowers. I fell instantly in love with it. I have never seen it in person. Its beauty does not show in pictures. It also came with a cradle, again I am on the look out for that too.

Kim Chee lid pattern. 

I got a bunch in one day. Made up for the lack of thrift store stuff here. Now to find places for it all. 


  1. That is so cute that your son loves Pyrex. My son loves going antiquing with me but doesn't get my Pyrex obsession. But at least he knows what to look for!

  2. When I came over to check out your blog I laughed so hard---I have the Friendship bird bowl pictured in your header and----my husband hates it!! And most of the stuff I find, ha ha!

    I've also got that Early American 404 and I use it all the time :)