Friday, May 17, 2013

Spring Blossom Fridgies

Okay so when I first got my butterprint fridgies I spent a total of like $7 on eBay. Local pick up was free. It was 2- 501s and a 502. This was way back in 2005. I have since completed the set. Only took 7 years to get the 503.

I felt like this was going to happen again with the spring blossom fridgies. 2 years ago I snatched up 2 501s for 25 cents each.

Then later that same year I found a the 502 for $5 at the antique market.

This 503 has been mocking me. I find yellow 503s all the freaking time. I am sick of yellow 503s.

I have about given up on the whole thing. Thinking "well in about 5 years I will find the large fridgie".

Then Facebook happens. I got on during THM's nap. (Yes he takes naps. I'm one lucky mo-fo) My super awesome cousin Michelle had posted this:

And tagged me. And bought them for me (I of course promptly took THH's check book and wrote her a check. Lol). I have it. Sorta. She lives in Michigan. I live in California. Thank goodness I am going home this summer and will gladly pick them up.

And because I am awesome, don't disagree with me in that, I am giving the 501 and 502 to the newest pyrex lover, another cousin. It is Michelle's Sister in law too. SB is her favorite. I hope it doesn't take her 7 years to complete the set.

Jennie, May the Pyrex Gods be ever in your favor.


  1. Lucky! Spring Blossom Green is a nice set.

    I find primary 503's all the freaking time, too!

  2. What a great cousin! The Butterprint Fridgie set is quite possibly my FAVORITE of all fridgies! I looked for what seemed like forever, and only saw full sets for $50-$80 and then we went to a yard sale and I snagged mine for a whole whopping $20!!! COULD NOT BELIEVE MY LUCK!