Wednesday, May 1, 2013

What is in the box 2, Pyrex passion

Wanna play what is in the box 2?

Sure you do.

Last week I ordered something online.  Not a pretty dish, sad to say, but something just as awesome.

Okay I let you give up. I am too excited.

I bought the newest book; "Pyrex Passion" by Michael Barber. It is a collector's guide to opal Pyrex. He pretty much as listed most of the opal Pyrex made. It also serves as a guide to establish a value. But don't sell your Pyrex at these prices, no one wants to pay retail. Keep the prices low so all the people can enjoy it, not just the people who have cash to spare.

According to the website

"This book is the first comprehensive pictorial reference of standard and promotional items produced on PYREX in North America from the 1940s through the 1980s. With this book, the complete chronological history of the thousands of colors and patterns of vintage PYREX bowls and bake ware are available in one easy-to-use reference guide"

It is a good read. Something to have on your coffee table to spark conversation. 

The pictures are nice and clear. They have a small description about the size and year made, if known.  There is also a nice pattern reference in the back. makes knowing your patterns a breeze. 

I am happy with the book, and cannot wait to see the second edition, maybe with some unknown patterns coming out of the woodworks for it? 

I can tell you one thing. This book surpasses the other Pyrex books out there. (in regards to the opal)

And If you are not a member yet, you can find his  group; "Pyrex Passion" on Facebook.  There you can find answers to questions and post your own pictures of beautiful Pyrex. 


  1. I love mine also, is by my bed.
    Michael did a great job.
    (BTW you two, I always check your blog)

    1. Thanks. I think my husband may be jealous if I took it to bed with me. Lol.

      Michael did a fantastic job. I'm very greatful.

  2. Hey lovely lady, I have a question for you...
    Do you have a midnight bloom casserole you'd be willing to part with? I have just the lid and it is driving me insane! it would make my heart to happy to see it properly coupled up. The lid has some scratches so I'm not looking for a super pristine base - just something reasonable and matching :)

    1. No I am sorry I do not. Good luck on finishing your set.

  3. It looks like such a nice book but the price is quite high!! I probably have most of the Pyrex I'm going to buy now, well, except for the odd special piece I might see, so I just don't know if it would be worth it, but I'd sure like to have it!!

  4. Oh, I bet that book would come in handy! :)

  5. I got mine today too and can't wait to have a chance to look at it! It was definitely a splurge though. But there was no way I wasn't going to buy it.


  6. just googled the book and found your blog! love your blog name, and pyrex too!