Friday, June 28, 2013

Vintage Dresses, a new love.

What a day I had last Friday.

First I got the day to myself. THH took THM to work with him. I got a phone call about 11:30am and it was THM.  He called to let me know "Dad is being rude, you come get him."  Yes my son called to tattle on Dad for not letting him stay at the office at lunch. And apparently I had so come get Dad and take him home (because when THM acts up he has to come home).  What a little shit.

Anyways since I had the day free I took the morning to go to the thrifts I have been missing lately. First I stopped at the Salvation Army in Long Beach. They had a canister. I used my 40% off coupon for it. I also grabbed an apron and a dress.

Ancor Hocking Chip and Dip with bracket. 

Then I went off to St.Vincents and came up empty handed. I had to jet back home for a bit then headed back out. I stopped at Value Village. I don't normally go here because their prices are awful and they take only cash. I had some cash stashed in my purse and thought "why not."

Yellow 403 & 402

Verde 403 & 402

Square Flowers 444

Lucky I did beacuse I got 2 half sets. One of the Verde and one Yellow. They also had a green chip and did with bracket. Cheapest I have seen. And the largest Square Flowers Cinderella bowl.

After that was a run to goodwill and nothing there. Then to Salvation Army at another location. They had zilch for Pyrex. I super scored on Vintage dresses. I also got a Clavin Klien Professional Line dress. How cute is that white, ornage and navy one?

Last stop was AmVet Thrift in a sketchy part of town.  Scored 3 canisters! Sweet.

2 white and wood fromValue Village. Spice of Life from SA. 

Ended my day with finishing a quilt for my mother and having some of my favorite pizza with my men. Those days are what Fridays are supposed to be.

My scores mixed in with the finds from the weekend in Palm Springs. Great week! 
Happy Friday! Hope you stay cool this weekend.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Palm Springs is not Hot for Pyrex

Two weekends ago I had to accompany THH on a trip to Palm Springs, CA. See is works in the film industry and a short documentary he produced called "A Stroll Through the Park - An Asbury Symphony"  was playing at the AM/FM festival. A film about Shepard Fairey and his street art in New Jersey. You can watch the trailer on vimeo.  (yes shamelessly plugging them here!)

A weekend in the heat, a hotel and the theater. THM and I swam until we were all swam out. While they went to see Superman I got to do a little shopping. And man was this place covered in Thrift stores.

First stop Goodwill of Chatherdral City.

Divided dish lid
024 knob lid
ugly old lady PJ thing (Not pictured)
Awesome old sunglasses
Canister - pyrex

Second stop: Angel View Thrift Mart no. 3

Complete set of clear glass fridgies, with lids. Newer stamps.

Third stop: Victoria's antique mall

Orange Tupperware cutting board. Just like my moms

Fourth stop: Revivals
Nothing, really they were considered the beat thrift store in town by some sign I saw in the window. I'm gonna have to disagree with that. It was a mix if a thrift and um overpriced wannabe hipster stuff.

Fifth: goodwill palm desert
Nothing, great stuff though, lots of that old pink and teal stuff with coyotes on it.

Sixth: angel view of palm desert

Pineapple 024
Pretty quick silver dress (not pictured)

Seventh - some thrift store behind that one.
Nothing. Packed full but sadly nothing caught my eye

Eight - Nu thrift

Corning spice of life 3 quart with lid my mom has been looking for.

Yup 8 Thrifts ( well one antique) last weekend and very little pyrex.  Palm Springs and the surrounding are does not seem like a good place to hunt for the cheapies

You could stop by Victorias Antique Mall and pay $55 for a black snowflake space saver. Or $95 for the butter print fridgie set. Tis was about the only Pyrex in the whole place. Way too much money for me. They are crazy.

All in all a great weekend filled with my family and some fun. Keep a lookout for the film playing in your area in some film festivals. If THH was cool he would have given me a list, but he did not. Slacker.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Tale of Two Nude Chicks - GUEST POST

First off,  huge thank you to my BFFL (that's best friend for LIFE fyi) Treasure Hunter for having me as her guest post! My story is not so different from hers, as you will see.
I have been living in Phoenix, Az for much longer than I had intended when we moved here, and have been desperate to get out for quite some time. The long term goal is to relocate within walking distance of my BFFL, but getting to the point of financial stability to make the 6 hour move practical is taking much longer than I would like. I tell you this, not to arouse your sympathy, but so that you will understand the pure elation I felt at the opportunity to get away, even for a few days, and be with my BFFL for a little girls time.
Some of the view

I have always been a fan of nudity. This, however, was my first experience in nudity in a socially acceptable setting. (Generally I confined my clothing-free excursions to private residences, late night walks along the banks of the river where I atttended university, or skyclad gatherings with close friends for holidays.) Camping at a nudist resort was a whole nother experience altogether. (Yes, I said a whole nother, not another whole. I'm from MI, deal with my midwestern idiocyncracies.) BFFL and I agreed to meet at the park, due to my long drive, and I decided to go sans-gps, so it would be more of an adventure! Armed with my Camelbak full of water and some handwritten directions, I set off. I had a hard time gauging my eta, without the GPS and ended up about 15 min ahead of BFFL. I sat in the car waiting for her to arrive, slightly apprehensive, as she had set it all up and this being my first excursion i wasn't sure of the protocol: should I remove my dress before going to the office to check in? I wondered. I just decided to wait and see.
BFFL arrived and after our joyous reunion we went into the office. The gal behind the desk was topless, pierced and tattooed. She was completely at ease with her attire and ours, although a little frazzled with her job-remembering to use the clicker to let people in the gate seemed to be the biggest complication. BFFL had arranged for the park to waive our gate fees as this was our first visit, so all we had was the camping (STUPID CHEAP!) to pay for and then we got our map and were sent on our way. We asked if there was anything we needed to know, and all she could think of to tell us was "Have Fun!". And that we did!

We drove around the park to the main camping area, an open field, surrounded by trees and picked a spot where we would have shade in the morning. Off came the clothes, and camp got set up. We enjoyed a little drinking and a lot of sun the first day. I played volleyball for the first time since Jr. high, and this was water volleyball, so way more challenging than even what I had remembered. BFFL was the golden good luck charm, the time I played on her team we won, but when we split up I had to become a gracious loser. I'm more of a liability than anything else where hand-eye coordination is involved. In my defense, I did warn the other players before I agreed to take part, and it was all in good fun.
After making some new friends through the pool time, we went back to camp to prepare for the evening. I feel like we ate yogurt parfaits, but at this point I was already several drinks into my first day, so the more mundane details may not align properly.
We put on our matching convertible sundresses (modesty can be fun in the right environment!) BFFL as a dress, me as a skirt and headed over to Karaoke. All the people were in various stages of undress, some topless like me, some bottomless (heehee bottomless men with their modest casual button up shirts, so fun!) others fully clothed. 
Me on left, BBFL on right

As we arrived at the tiki bar, we met a staff member who became my closest new friend over the course of the weekend. LBH (long blonde hair) reminded me of my brother and we connected almost instantly. LBH was walking along the top of a wall upon which BFFL set her towel (the one thing to remember, you have to always know where your towel is!). LBH wanted to leap the obstacle, but alcohol and a lack of coordination sent him crashing down on his hip, teeter tottering on the edge of the wall. Charming :)
One of our new friends offered to buy my drinks for the night if I would sing STYX. As Styx is my favorite classic rock band, and I enjoy free alcohol even more than the other kind of alcohol, I was happy to oblige. I rocked out "Too much time on my Hands" and accepted my Captain and Coke with a smile.
While waiting for my next turn to sing, I took to dancing. Even got some others up and dancing too! Got my courage up and asked LBH to sing a duet with me. We did Picture. We rocked it. Friend who was buying drinks got jealous and wanted to sing with me too. We did Leather and Lace. He did not know the lyrics. It was entertaining. BFFL got her courage up to sing and made me do it too. WaterLoo by ABBA. I'd never heard it, so that was fun. At least in this accepting environment of amazing people we were not booed off stage. My final song was Crazy on You by Heart. I am by no means the goddess of rock that Ann Wilson is, but I gave it all the passion that an intoxicated fun loving woman on a girls weekend out can, and people loved it. Those high notes were probably my crowning achievement for the weekend.
The rest of the evening was a blur of dancing, singing, drinking, and a brief excursion for some extracirricular activities with a few of our new friends including LBH. Came back to camp around 3 am. Woke up at 7 am and kept the party rolling.

View from the Ampatheather. 

Fell asleep on a lounge chair (face down said my chest with extreme relief!) and secured a spectacular sunburn on my backside. No tan lines though! So that's a blessing. All of Sunday was hopping from pool to pool to lounge chairs to shade getting to know our new friends better. Had an amazing dinner with a few of the staff members. Around sundown I got a ridiculous chill. Could not get warm for the life of me. We tried the hot pool but it was too cool. I couldn't step into the hot tub because of tender sun kissed skin. So we headed back to camp early and I cozied up in my new sleeping bag, which thankfully is temp rated for 25 degrees below, so I warmed enough to have a good heart to heart with BFFL and then sleep soundly.
Monday morning dawned foggy and wonderful. I truly appreciated the amazing green nature around us. I have never felt more at home and at ease than I did this weekend. Woke just past 7 again, seriously, WTF I thought I'd be able to sleep in on a vacation, but no such luck. We had breakfast, and broke camp (slowly and reluctantly as we did not want to return to the world where clothing is required). The sun came out and burned off the beautiful fog.  We went about to say goodbye to the friends who had remained long enough (many had to return to the real world after the weekend, and some lucky ones like LBH never have to return unless they so choose) and then got in our cars. BFFL's car did not want to start, but it was persuaded into behaving. With hugs and sadness, we parted ways.
My trip back was uneventful, save for the crossing  of the state line. The very air feels different this side of the river, and I experienced some despair. I actually pulled off the side of the road and called my husband to ask if I could turn back around and head for the beach. He laughingly persuaded me to come home on the grounds that if I didn't there would be no one to put away all the clean dishes he had washed. So I returned home, heart heavy, skin tender, and with an even stronger burning desire to relocate myself.
And thus ends the first chapter of A Tale of Two Nude Chicks.
I have to go home now. You can see in my eyes despite my smile how dismayed I am to be leaving

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

PreNude Treasures

The nudest resort we went to  is only about an hour away for me. Knowing my friend Sarah was driving 5 hours I took off a bit early from home, hoping to find some treasures.

I managed to drive 5 freeways in my 4 hours pre-trip shopping spree.

Freeway #1 - 405 one of the worst freeways to ever have to drive.  This is where my journey started.

First I hit up Salvation Army off the 605 in Downy. (freeway #2)

Grabbed a 401 Snowflake garland for stupid cheap.

Also grabbed a Jadeite Juicer bowl for a stand mixer. I like jadeite for the color. It is to die for.

Then I stopped at Goodwill off the 60 (freeway #3. ) Nothing. How sad.  This is the same store I found my Verde 933 that was dirrrrty.

Next up was a Salvation Army that was no longer there. Off the 10 (freeway #4)

Not letting that bother me I found another Goodwill that was not there anymore. UGG.

Then I was sorta mad. Until I found a Goodwill in Fontata in some weird strip mall. YAY! something was going my way.

There I came across a 475 Lid, 4 blendo bowls and an opal divided dish.

I was going to stop at one more place but Sarah called (freeway #5 - the 15 to get to my destination). Her story of the weekend is coming up Thursday.

4 hours and very little. But I had fun by myself shopping and finding new stores. 

I'm selling the jadeite bowl and blendo bowls. Email me is interested.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Clothing Optional

I think I found it. You know that thing that was missing in life? Well mine wasn't missing. I had too much. Clothing that is.  Last weekend I took a trip out to a local nudest resort. It had always been something I wanted to do. But no one ever wanted me to do it with me. Well my very best friend Sarah took me up on the offer.

It started off as a fun Saturday morning. I had a short drive, while Sarah had a long one. I stopped at a few thrift stores and picked up a lovely bunch of stuff. I will show them soon.

Stopped by the train. Beautiful mountains.
She called me and told me she was there. I hurried the 15 minutes (5 of being lost and waiting for a train to pass) and got there.  We parked our cars and gave each other a big hug.   Then we walked in the office.

A rinky place not much of anything, but the people were very inviting. I was so happy to have a girls weekend.  We signed in, got a map and went to find a camp spot.

We ended up in a secluded area. Set up camp and off came our clothing. A drink later and we headed to the pool. It was very hot and the cold pool felt amazing. Before we knew it a game of water volleyball had started and I ended up on the winning team! We won 3 games. There we got to meet a few of the people. Everyone was so nice and loved to talk. During the first day went on we visited the spa, took a walk, and tried the second pool.

The view from our camping spot. Amazing morning! 

It was getting late (say 5pm?) so after talking about music and everything else under the sun,  even being so young,  we were "in" with the regulars. Everyone left to go to karaoke.

Okay nude karaoke was a freaking blast. From the drinks to the dancing every part of it was smiles from ear to ear. We figured it by texts and we ended up in the tent at 3 am. I made a few new friends there. One was a soul I meshed with so well. Sitting here I really miss him. For his privacy lets call him NRL, nudest resort lover.  Not that he was my lover, I just felt we connected.

So at about 6am Sunday I woke up. Still feeling the "party" mode. So since I had nothing else to do I continued my own party. Nothing says "girls weekend" like a vodka by the pool. Then who do I see? NRL. Come to find out Sarah and I were considered the Party Girls the night before. What a riot.

Sunday we chilled out with NRL and some other fellow nudest. I ended up in the tent at some point napping. Only to get up and continue the party. If you call pool hopping with 4 people a party.

Lets say I left out a ton of details. This was a party weekend and we sure did do that to the fullest. Yeah we down time. We sun bathed and took a few walks.

I think what I take most from that weekend is how people don't judge in that environment. They get to know each other. The main question that were asked was your name, where you come from and how you ended up there. No one cared if you had a great job or life. They just wanted to talk to the person not clothed. It opened up a whole new world to me. A world I think we all could use.

I cannot wait to go back. My journey as a young nudest has just started. I'm so happy I did something even though most thought I was freaking crazy.

Try something you have been wanting to. It may just change your life.  I know this trip did for me. Screw society and their ways of thinking. I am done with pretending to want to fit in and trying hard to find my group. I found it. We come in all shapes and sizes, colors and backgrounds.

I'm a nudest living in the big city. and I like it.

Lemons bars made from the lemons I picked at the camp. 

(THH hates the whole nude thing for himself. He supports my insane self in all ways.)

Oh and Sarah will guest post hopefully next week. We can hear her side of what happened. I sure she will have a fews stories of her own.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Butterfly Gold Margarine tub holder

Sad post ahead.

Yesterday while cooking dinner THM was asking me when I am going to have a baby. Answer: when THH wants one. I'm game for one.

Anyways I had to explain to him it isn't as easy as it seems. Then I totally explained sex to him. Yup. I'm that mom that explains those things like explaining how to do laundry.

Anyways while talking to him I was pouring bacon grease into this old jelly jar with the other bacon grease. The grease must have been too hot still and the jar still to cold. A moment later I hear a small pop and boom. My jar broke clean in half. Sad sad sad.

Anyways the only suitable replacement I had is a margarine tub holder. Pyrex introduced these as a little promo. Buy margarine and send in the proof of purchase and some change get the cool holder to out the tub in. No transfer of product. Just drop the tub in. Makes it more presentable on the table

image from

I picked this guy up for a buck a while ago. I don't care for the pattern. But eh whatever. It came in some other patterns too. Like Spring blossom and old town. Anyways now it holds my grease. (and if you don't save your grease, your cornbread is really missing out man)