Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Butterfly Gold Margarine tub holder

Sad post ahead.

Yesterday while cooking dinner THM was asking me when I am going to have a baby. Answer: when THH wants one. I'm game for one.

Anyways I had to explain to him it isn't as easy as it seems. Then I totally explained sex to him. Yup. I'm that mom that explains those things like explaining how to do laundry.

Anyways while talking to him I was pouring bacon grease into this old jelly jar with the other bacon grease. The grease must have been too hot still and the jar still to cold. A moment later I hear a small pop and boom. My jar broke clean in half. Sad sad sad.

Anyways the only suitable replacement I had is a margarine tub holder. Pyrex introduced these as a little promo. Buy margarine and send in the proof of purchase and some change get the cool holder to out the tub in. No transfer of product. Just drop the tub in. Makes it more presentable on the table

image from sportslinkup.com

I picked this guy up for a buck a while ago. I don't care for the pattern. But eh whatever. It came in some other patterns too. Like Spring blossom and old town. Anyways now it holds my grease. (and if you don't save your grease, your cornbread is really missing out man)


  1. I'd love to find one of those little dishes!!

  2. I have a non-Pyrex grease canister, so I've always passed up on the margarine container, but I may need to rethink my storage after seeing your grease in all its glory! (Sorry about the other jar...)