Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Clothing Optional

I think I found it. You know that thing that was missing in life? Well mine wasn't missing. I had too much. Clothing that is.  Last weekend I took a trip out to a local nudest resort. It had always been something I wanted to do. But no one ever wanted me to do it with me. Well my very best friend Sarah took me up on the offer.

It started off as a fun Saturday morning. I had a short drive, while Sarah had a long one. I stopped at a few thrift stores and picked up a lovely bunch of stuff. I will show them soon.

Stopped by the train. Beautiful mountains.
She called me and told me she was there. I hurried the 15 minutes (5 of being lost and waiting for a train to pass) and got there.  We parked our cars and gave each other a big hug.   Then we walked in the office.

A rinky place not much of anything, but the people were very inviting. I was so happy to have a girls weekend.  We signed in, got a map and went to find a camp spot.

We ended up in a secluded area. Set up camp and off came our clothing. A drink later and we headed to the pool. It was very hot and the cold pool felt amazing. Before we knew it a game of water volleyball had started and I ended up on the winning team! We won 3 games. There we got to meet a few of the people. Everyone was so nice and loved to talk. During the first day went on we visited the spa, took a walk, and tried the second pool.

The view from our camping spot. Amazing morning! 

It was getting late (say 5pm?) so after talking about music and everything else under the sun,  even being so young,  we were "in" with the regulars. Everyone left to go to karaoke.

Okay nude karaoke was a freaking blast. From the drinks to the dancing every part of it was smiles from ear to ear. We figured it by texts and we ended up in the tent at 3 am. I made a few new friends there. One was a soul I meshed with so well. Sitting here I really miss him. For his privacy lets call him NRL, nudest resort lover.  Not that he was my lover, I just felt we connected.

So at about 6am Sunday I woke up. Still feeling the "party" mode. So since I had nothing else to do I continued my own party. Nothing says "girls weekend" like a vodka by the pool. Then who do I see? NRL. Come to find out Sarah and I were considered the Party Girls the night before. What a riot.

Sunday we chilled out with NRL and some other fellow nudest. I ended up in the tent at some point napping. Only to get up and continue the party. If you call pool hopping with 4 people a party.

Lets say I left out a ton of details. This was a party weekend and we sure did do that to the fullest. Yeah we down time. We sun bathed and took a few walks.

I think what I take most from that weekend is how people don't judge in that environment. They get to know each other. The main question that were asked was your name, where you come from and how you ended up there. No one cared if you had a great job or life. They just wanted to talk to the person not clothed. It opened up a whole new world to me. A world I think we all could use.

I cannot wait to go back. My journey as a young nudest has just started. I'm so happy I did something even though most thought I was freaking crazy.

Try something you have been wanting to. It may just change your life.  I know this trip did for me. Screw society and their ways of thinking. I am done with pretending to want to fit in and trying hard to find my group. I found it. We come in all shapes and sizes, colors and backgrounds.

I'm a nudest living in the big city. and I like it.

Lemons bars made from the lemons I picked at the camp. 

(THH hates the whole nude thing for himself. He supports my insane self in all ways.)

Oh and Sarah will guest post hopefully next week. We can hear her side of what happened. I sure she will have a fews stories of her own.

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  1. Sounds like fun! Good for you for being willing to try something so scary.