Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Palm Springs is not Hot for Pyrex

Two weekends ago I had to accompany THH on a trip to Palm Springs, CA. See is works in the film industry and a short documentary he produced called "A Stroll Through the Park - An Asbury Symphony"  was playing at the AM/FM festival. A film about Shepard Fairey and his street art in New Jersey. You can watch the trailer on vimeo.  (yes shamelessly plugging them here!)

A weekend in the heat, a hotel and the theater. THM and I swam until we were all swam out. While they went to see Superman I got to do a little shopping. And man was this place covered in Thrift stores.

First stop Goodwill of Chatherdral City.

Divided dish lid
024 knob lid
ugly old lady PJ thing (Not pictured)
Awesome old sunglasses
Canister - pyrex

Second stop: Angel View Thrift Mart no. 3

Complete set of clear glass fridgies, with lids. Newer stamps.

Third stop: Victoria's antique mall

Orange Tupperware cutting board. Just like my moms

Fourth stop: Revivals
Nothing, really they were considered the beat thrift store in town by some sign I saw in the window. I'm gonna have to disagree with that. It was a mix if a thrift and um overpriced wannabe hipster stuff.

Fifth: goodwill palm desert
Nothing, great stuff though, lots of that old pink and teal stuff with coyotes on it.

Sixth: angel view of palm desert

Pineapple 024
Pretty quick silver dress (not pictured)

Seventh - some thrift store behind that one.
Nothing. Packed full but sadly nothing caught my eye

Eight - Nu thrift

Corning spice of life 3 quart with lid my mom has been looking for.

Yup 8 Thrifts ( well one antique) last weekend and very little pyrex.  Palm Springs and the surrounding are does not seem like a good place to hunt for the cheapies

You could stop by Victorias Antique Mall and pay $55 for a black snowflake space saver. Or $95 for the butter print fridgie set. Tis was about the only Pyrex in the whole place. Way too much money for me. They are crazy.

All in all a great weekend filled with my family and some fun. Keep a lookout for the film playing in your area in some film festivals. If THH was cool he would have given me a list, but he did not. Slacker.

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