Tuesday, June 18, 2013

PreNude Treasures

The nudest resort we went to  is only about an hour away for me. Knowing my friend Sarah was driving 5 hours I took off a bit early from home, hoping to find some treasures.

I managed to drive 5 freeways in my 4 hours pre-trip shopping spree.

Freeway #1 - 405 one of the worst freeways to ever have to drive.  This is where my journey started.

First I hit up Salvation Army off the 605 in Downy. (freeway #2)

Grabbed a 401 Snowflake garland for stupid cheap.

Also grabbed a Jadeite Juicer bowl for a stand mixer. I like jadeite for the color. It is to die for.

Then I stopped at Goodwill off the 60 (freeway #3. ) Nothing. How sad.  This is the same store I found my Verde 933 that was dirrrrty.

Next up was a Salvation Army that was no longer there. Off the 10 (freeway #4)

Not letting that bother me I found another Goodwill that was not there anymore. UGG.

Then I was sorta mad. Until I found a Goodwill in Fontata in some weird strip mall. YAY! something was going my way.

There I came across a 475 Lid, 4 blendo bowls and an opal divided dish.

I was going to stop at one more place but Sarah called (freeway #5 - the 15 to get to my destination). Her story of the weekend is coming up Thursday.

4 hours and very little. But I had fun by myself shopping and finding new stores. 

I'm selling the jadeite bowl and blendo bowls. Email me is interested.


  1. Great finds even if your hit of shops were not as many as you had hoped. I have that same bowl in blue with white snowflakes. Now I have seen that Jadeite thingy recently and didn't have a clue what it was. Thanks for informing me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. Yup - I'm like Shelia, had no idea what that Jadeite thing is. I've never seen it here in Ontario, but when I went to Ohio, I seen like 10 of them.