Friday, June 28, 2013

Vintage Dresses, a new love.

What a day I had last Friday.

First I got the day to myself. THH took THM to work with him. I got a phone call about 11:30am and it was THM.  He called to let me know "Dad is being rude, you come get him."  Yes my son called to tattle on Dad for not letting him stay at the office at lunch. And apparently I had so come get Dad and take him home (because when THM acts up he has to come home).  What a little shit.

Anyways since I had the day free I took the morning to go to the thrifts I have been missing lately. First I stopped at the Salvation Army in Long Beach. They had a canister. I used my 40% off coupon for it. I also grabbed an apron and a dress.

Ancor Hocking Chip and Dip with bracket. 

Then I went off to St.Vincents and came up empty handed. I had to jet back home for a bit then headed back out. I stopped at Value Village. I don't normally go here because their prices are awful and they take only cash. I had some cash stashed in my purse and thought "why not."

Yellow 403 & 402

Verde 403 & 402

Square Flowers 444

Lucky I did beacuse I got 2 half sets. One of the Verde and one Yellow. They also had a green chip and did with bracket. Cheapest I have seen. And the largest Square Flowers Cinderella bowl.

After that was a run to goodwill and nothing there. Then to Salvation Army at another location. They had zilch for Pyrex. I super scored on Vintage dresses. I also got a Clavin Klien Professional Line dress. How cute is that white, ornage and navy one?

Last stop was AmVet Thrift in a sketchy part of town.  Scored 3 canisters! Sweet.

2 white and wood fromValue Village. Spice of Life from SA. 

Ended my day with finishing a quilt for my mother and having some of my favorite pizza with my men. Those days are what Fridays are supposed to be.

My scores mixed in with the finds from the weekend in Palm Springs. Great week! 
Happy Friday! Hope you stay cool this weekend.


  1. Obviously all the Pyrex is great but I can't believe the vintage dresses! I wonder if they came from the same person?

    Have a great weekend!


  2. Those dresses are super cute! That white one with the stripes is adorable.
    Great Pyrex finds too! I've gotten shafted in that department lately.

  3. Great Pyrex finds! The yellow mixing bowl set is one of my favs, for some odd reason. It's not that special, but I find it pretty cool.

    The brackets for the dip set like you have above, are they the exact same brackets used in Pyrex sets? Like, it will fit a Pyrex chip & dip set do you know? I see those sets priced CHEAP sometimes NIB.

    ♥ Sir Thrift-A-Lot
    Thanks for linking up with THRIFTASAURUS!