Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Agee Pyrex Booklet

I totally forgot to show you guys something.

A while ago while browsing feebay I came across another Pyrex recipe booklet. This one from Australia(no date on it). I was intrigued. I like Agee Pyrex. I don't own any. But let me tell you I would go broke if I lived there. I think it is even prettier than American Pyrex.

So I made an offer. They wanted around $20 USD for it. I offered 10. I always give room for a comforde counter offer. Plus $6 USD shipping.

They accepted. I paid and waiting. Thinking I would have to wait weeks. But I didn't. It came in about a week and a half. The was fast. Maybe because I live on the west coast and am closer.

Even THM was excited. LOL international mail day! 

Anyways it is a small booklet. Unlike the UK and American books. 

Some of the recipes include :

Oh look at the dishes. How pretty.

It fits great with my other two. I showcase them above my sink. So I can look at them when I do the dishes.

Makes doing the dishes by hand tolerable. 

Friday, July 19, 2013

It is RED Hot!

Man oh man. It is hot here. But not as hit as say my moms house in Michigan. So I won't complain much. Just hope everyone is staying cool.

Since THM has boxing in the afternoon we do our shopping in the morning. And being Wednesday I hit up Salvation Army (discount day!). They had 2 Red 024! After finding that horribly DWD one a few weeks ago I was stoked to get a great one. I left one there. See I'm not greedy. I'm sure someone else (and hopefully not that reseller I see) gets it and is happy.

I also saw a twin server. Just 1 bowl. I hunted for the other. Nada. So we hit up the toys and the sofas. (I am looking for a new one) THM found some stationary. I said okay because he truly has been a great kid this summer. 

Then I did my double look at the collectives.(Because you never know what you miss the first time around) There it was the other twin server. Yay! But no cradle. Anyone have one they want to sell me? 

I got home and we played with water balloons and THM freaked out over a bug on him. That ended the outside time. 

Then my doorbell rang. And I mean the mail man pushes it like 30 times. 

Yay my box! I traded that orange 503 for a verde one. It came. And I finished my set. I'm coming along nicely finishing my verdes.

It put it on my kitchen cart. Which I had to make space for and sold my deep freezer. See I am not a hoarder.

THM making mac-n-cheese in Pyrex! 
I feel like I am finding hoards of Pyrex lately (not all in great shape).  But I am being selective of what I buy. And I have been selling off a bunch. Hopefully I can get rid of all this Butterfly gold and any duplicates. My husband is going to Oakland in a few weekends. Maybe I can talk him into taking some with him if you want to buy any of my sell stash. Save on shipping.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I can almost taste Spring Blossom

What a weekend. First I had a terrible week last week.  Seemed like each and everyday just got worse and worse. It led up to a great weekend though. I had an alone weekend trip planned. Since THH is going away in a few weeks and I'm taking THM to my moms next month I took a mental health night. And of course I went back to Deer Park. And of course I stopped at a few places along the way.

While taking down camp I had to snap a pic of the
stuff in the car, but outside!

I was super excited to find this rolling cart. It even has an electrical cord. It is a vintage Cosco cart.  In my favorite color. In great condition. I had bought something else in the store and was heading to my car then I spotted it outside. I took everything back in and, got back in line and payed.  I felt like I was never going to get out of Salvation Army.

The stuff I bought inside was a Daisy 503. For cheap. I already have one but I knew I would be able to trade it easy. And basically before I got it listed in the trade group someone was asking me about it. So it only had a few days at my house before it was shipped to its new owner.

BTW they are made of resin! 

I also saw a pair of glass grapes in the case by the register. Finally a pair that was decently priced and on sale. Who can pass up glass grapes!  I actually had a really interesting conversation with my camping buddy Able. He told me his mother used to make those things in the 70s. WHAAAAT! Yeah he told me they sold kits. Man I would love to find one of these kits. How cool right? I think I know what I am going to learn in the near future!

To pair with my grapes and cart I also got a lime square baker.  My second square baker. And in green. I feel like it was a sorta a theme weekend.  Finding green, being close to nature. Camping in the nude.  Yup. Green was my weekend theme,  thank gosh my face never got green this time and I kept my lunch in.

Last but not least my green spring blossom 442. A few weeks ago I scored the 444. I had the 443. I can almost taste it.  Almost having a set complete and pieced together from thrifts. This litte guy is sorta beat up but hell who really cares? I don't. They all need loving homes.

Oh and that glass set on the bottom was a score of a complete new in box wheaten salad set.  They are brown. From what I can tell in they are from the 70s. The box it has a date of  "10-3-79"   I love a good salad set.

Monday's dinner - Taco Salad

I need to have a dinner party. Oh maybe a dinner party with crafts and we can all make glass (resin to be technical) grapes! Taking reservation and deposits now.  $19.98. On sale from 19.97. Yeah fools those grape supplies are costly!
(bring your own booze)

Friday, July 12, 2013

Old Orchard - Fridgie set

So a few weeks ago I bought a set of "yellow" fridgies on eBay. I totally had convinced myself they were daisy. The pictures even looked really yellow.

It was a local pickup. It took the seller a full week to get back to me about pickup claiming she didn't think I responded becuse she was reading the wrong emails. Um, don't you check your eBay after yousell something on there? Anyways I did get to pick them up.

And they turned out to be verde 501s. I already have 1 verde 501. I really wanted those daisy yellow ones. So now I have an extra 501 I do not needs. Being the super savvy person I am, I traded it. For one I do need. The caramel old orchard one.

If you remember I found the 503 at the Long Beach Antique and Flea market this spring. I called it "the ugly one."

Then I found the 502 at a pre- LB Antique market Facebook sale. I had met up with a woman and luckily I spotted it before I left. I didn't see it in the pictures online. YAY for spontaneous buying.

The Dark 501 I grabbed last year at a "American Heritage" sale at a local thrift shop. If you remember correctly they wouldn't let me shop and I had to go back the next day.

That caramel one was driving me crazy. Not even a single cheap one on eBay has popped up for me.  But lucky for me someone on a FB trading group had one and accepted my offer to trade my extra verde.

She shipped super fast and so did I. We managed to get our stuff the same day.

I am happy to say that I completed my set. Cost me about $20. Steep I know. But it is my favorite. And I have only ever seen one complete set in the wild for $35. eBay currently has 2. One for $48 and one for $49. So I think I did good for "the ugly set. "  It also now sits on the shelf in the dining rom I have labeled the "Ugly Shelf."  It holds my uglies..

That is a squirrel shaker set on top. And My dad's ashes next to it in the wood box. 

Friday, July 5, 2013

A Burst - Starburst that is!


Friday last week, after being in a funk for a week, I thought I should stop by my old stand-by Salvation Army. Have you noticed I like it there? Anyways I loaded THM up in the car at about 8am and we were on our way.

We got in the store, saw AFC (our very Awesome Friendly Cashier, I will keep her name confidential) and said "hi". Them saw the manager and said "hi". He knows us too. I immediately walked over to the collectables where they always place the Pyrex. I scanned. Went to turn the corner and BAM!

A Starburst Space Saver!!!!!!

Yup I told THM  "hold this and say cheese!" Had to have a picture of the moment I got it. Marked $12.50. My head was like "YOU GOT A COUPON TOO! YOU GOT A COUPON TOO!" I even said to AFC, "I got a coupon too!!!!" AFC laughed at me. She knew the excitement was my crazy self.

Then after I calmed down a second I spotted a barbed wire. I only had one coupon. I was fine with that, I will use it on the barbed wire since it was more (marked $15, ugg, but it had a lid). Sweet, I don't have that one yet.

Then THM spotted a Gemco "Country Festival" creamer. Yes he has good taste beacuse he asked for it. Sure kid!  I happily ran off, got a cart (pyrex in hand of course. I am not putting those babies down) and we finished our shopping.

Making the creamer chomp. What a kid.

I got to the counter and happily put my stuff on the counter. AFC, bless her heart, chit chatted with me  and I showed her some pictures of my collection. She rang me up and I glanced at the receipt. Making sure my 40% was there.

THM Creamer "Country Festival"

She wrapped up my new pretties and THM and I were on our way. I looked at the receipt more carefully in the car.  AFC charged me $9 for the barbed wire.  AND THEN ONLY CHARGED ME $9 FOR THE STARBURST! I think I love her. Next time we go in THM and I are going to bring her cookies and a little gift for her daughter who is THM's age.

What a great freaking day.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Pyrex I didn't Buy - 8

Here is another round of Pyrex I did not buy. See I have self control. I can not buy stuff. Truth is I pay all my bills the first of the month. That way what I do spend is my fun money and not my bill money. I do not put anything on credit cards, I do not even own one.  Plus I am cheap and leave things that are way over priced and things that do not catch my fancy.

Salvation Army
Torrance, CA

Daisy 444
Sad sad sad Daisy 444. It is supposed to be bright and shiny orange with flowers. It has this nasty film all over it and it scratched and faded beyond repair. 

Woodland 404
Okay so the above is priced the same as this. I think they think just because of a stamp on the bottom, made of milk glass and  highly desirable they can charge my first born. Nope sorry, not a favorite of mine. And not at that price. 

Spring Blossom 475
I was excited to see this there. I love this pattern. I just couldn't remember if I had this one. Lucky for me I did have my computer on me and double checked my pictures since I haven't got them printed off yet. Too bad so sad, I have it already. Someone else's lucky day maybe? 

Torrance, CA

Homestead 404
I have sworn off buying any homestead. I am trying to unload the cinderella set i have with no luck. I don't love it so it stayed. 

Salvation Army
Long Beach, CA

Verde 443 
I already have this set. Lucky for someone because it was in good condition. Verde seems to fade easy. 

Green 403
Forgot the price. 
Already have it. I think I may even have 2. Okay condition. 

Red 024
GAH! I need this one. But look at that poor thing. Even THM was flabbergasted at the price! Poor thing was well loved before someone threw it in the donate pile. 

Hopefully I find things I want in the near future. At the right price. Until then maybe you bought some of the ones I left behind. If so, You are welcome.