Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Agee Pyrex Booklet

I totally forgot to show you guys something.

A while ago while browsing feebay I came across another Pyrex recipe booklet. This one from Australia(no date on it). I was intrigued. I like Agee Pyrex. I don't own any. But let me tell you I would go broke if I lived there. I think it is even prettier than American Pyrex.

So I made an offer. They wanted around $20 USD for it. I offered 10. I always give room for a comforde counter offer. Plus $6 USD shipping.

They accepted. I paid and waiting. Thinking I would have to wait weeks. But I didn't. It came in about a week and a half. The was fast. Maybe because I live on the west coast and am closer.

Even THM was excited. LOL international mail day! 

Anyways it is a small booklet. Unlike the UK and American books. 

Some of the recipes include :

Oh look at the dishes. How pretty.

It fits great with my other two. I showcase them above my sink. So I can look at them when I do the dishes.

Makes doing the dishes by hand tolerable. 

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  1. I have got to find an Agee recipe book. My daughter in law's mother's maiden name (which she kept) is Agee.