Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I can almost taste Spring Blossom

What a weekend. First I had a terrible week last week.  Seemed like each and everyday just got worse and worse. It led up to a great weekend though. I had an alone weekend trip planned. Since THH is going away in a few weeks and I'm taking THM to my moms next month I took a mental health night. And of course I went back to Deer Park. And of course I stopped at a few places along the way.

While taking down camp I had to snap a pic of the
stuff in the car, but outside!

I was super excited to find this rolling cart. It even has an electrical cord. It is a vintage Cosco cart.  In my favorite color. In great condition. I had bought something else in the store and was heading to my car then I spotted it outside. I took everything back in and, got back in line and payed.  I felt like I was never going to get out of Salvation Army.

The stuff I bought inside was a Daisy 503. For cheap. I already have one but I knew I would be able to trade it easy. And basically before I got it listed in the trade group someone was asking me about it. So it only had a few days at my house before it was shipped to its new owner.

BTW they are made of resin! 

I also saw a pair of glass grapes in the case by the register. Finally a pair that was decently priced and on sale. Who can pass up glass grapes!  I actually had a really interesting conversation with my camping buddy Able. He told me his mother used to make those things in the 70s. WHAAAAT! Yeah he told me they sold kits. Man I would love to find one of these kits. How cool right? I think I know what I am going to learn in the near future!

To pair with my grapes and cart I also got a lime square baker.  My second square baker. And in green. I feel like it was a sorta a theme weekend.  Finding green, being close to nature. Camping in the nude.  Yup. Green was my weekend theme,  thank gosh my face never got green this time and I kept my lunch in.

Last but not least my green spring blossom 442. A few weeks ago I scored the 444. I had the 443. I can almost taste it.  Almost having a set complete and pieced together from thrifts. This litte guy is sorta beat up but hell who really cares? I don't. They all need loving homes.

Oh and that glass set on the bottom was a score of a complete new in box wheaten salad set.  They are brown. From what I can tell in they are from the 70s. The box it has a date of  "10-3-79"   I love a good salad set.

Monday's dinner - Taco Salad

I need to have a dinner party. Oh maybe a dinner party with crafts and we can all make glass (resin to be technical) grapes! Taking reservation and deposits now.  $19.98. On sale from 19.97. Yeah fools those grape supplies are costly!
(bring your own booze)


  1. What wonderful finds! Ahhhhhh resin grapes, we meet again...

  2. Oh jeeze my grandmother had purple resin grapes in a glass tray on her dining table during the ole 1960-1980 era. I think she made them!