Friday, July 19, 2013

It is RED Hot!

Man oh man. It is hot here. But not as hit as say my moms house in Michigan. So I won't complain much. Just hope everyone is staying cool.

Since THM has boxing in the afternoon we do our shopping in the morning. And being Wednesday I hit up Salvation Army (discount day!). They had 2 Red 024! After finding that horribly DWD one a few weeks ago I was stoked to get a great one. I left one there. See I'm not greedy. I'm sure someone else (and hopefully not that reseller I see) gets it and is happy.

I also saw a twin server. Just 1 bowl. I hunted for the other. Nada. So we hit up the toys and the sofas. (I am looking for a new one) THM found some stationary. I said okay because he truly has been a great kid this summer. 

Then I did my double look at the collectives.(Because you never know what you miss the first time around) There it was the other twin server. Yay! But no cradle. Anyone have one they want to sell me? 

I got home and we played with water balloons and THM freaked out over a bug on him. That ended the outside time. 

Then my doorbell rang. And I mean the mail man pushes it like 30 times. 

Yay my box! I traded that orange 503 for a verde one. It came. And I finished my set. I'm coming along nicely finishing my verdes.

It put it on my kitchen cart. Which I had to make space for and sold my deep freezer. See I am not a hoarder.

THM making mac-n-cheese in Pyrex! 
I feel like I am finding hoards of Pyrex lately (not all in great shape).  But I am being selective of what I buy. And I have been selling off a bunch. Hopefully I can get rid of all this Butterfly gold and any duplicates. My husband is going to Oakland in a few weekends. Maybe I can talk him into taking some with him if you want to buy any of my sell stash. Save on shipping.

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