Friday, July 12, 2013

Old Orchard - Fridgie set

So a few weeks ago I bought a set of "yellow" fridgies on eBay. I totally had convinced myself they were daisy. The pictures even looked really yellow.

It was a local pickup. It took the seller a full week to get back to me about pickup claiming she didn't think I responded becuse she was reading the wrong emails. Um, don't you check your eBay after yousell something on there? Anyways I did get to pick them up.

And they turned out to be verde 501s. I already have 1 verde 501. I really wanted those daisy yellow ones. So now I have an extra 501 I do not needs. Being the super savvy person I am, I traded it. For one I do need. The caramel old orchard one.

If you remember I found the 503 at the Long Beach Antique and Flea market this spring. I called it "the ugly one."

Then I found the 502 at a pre- LB Antique market Facebook sale. I had met up with a woman and luckily I spotted it before I left. I didn't see it in the pictures online. YAY for spontaneous buying.

The Dark 501 I grabbed last year at a "American Heritage" sale at a local thrift shop. If you remember correctly they wouldn't let me shop and I had to go back the next day.

That caramel one was driving me crazy. Not even a single cheap one on eBay has popped up for me.  But lucky for me someone on a FB trading group had one and accepted my offer to trade my extra verde.

She shipped super fast and so did I. We managed to get our stuff the same day.

I am happy to say that I completed my set. Cost me about $20. Steep I know. But it is my favorite. And I have only ever seen one complete set in the wild for $35. eBay currently has 2. One for $48 and one for $49. So I think I did good for "the ugly set. "  It also now sits on the shelf in the dining rom I have labeled the "Ugly Shelf."  It holds my uglies..

That is a squirrel shaker set on top. And My dad's ashes next to it in the wood box. 


  1. Congrats on completing your set! Your display looks very pretty for an ”ugly shelf”.

  2. Katie-- I have an old orchard mixing bowl up for trade.
    I am on the Pyrex 4 Trade group.
    Erin S.