Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Pyrex I didn't Buy - 8

Here is another round of Pyrex I did not buy. See I have self control. I can not buy stuff. Truth is I pay all my bills the first of the month. That way what I do spend is my fun money and not my bill money. I do not put anything on credit cards, I do not even own one.  Plus I am cheap and leave things that are way over priced and things that do not catch my fancy.

Salvation Army
Torrance, CA

Daisy 444
Sad sad sad Daisy 444. It is supposed to be bright and shiny orange with flowers. It has this nasty film all over it and it scratched and faded beyond repair. 

Woodland 404
Okay so the above is priced the same as this. I think they think just because of a stamp on the bottom, made of milk glass and  highly desirable they can charge my first born. Nope sorry, not a favorite of mine. And not at that price. 

Spring Blossom 475
I was excited to see this there. I love this pattern. I just couldn't remember if I had this one. Lucky for me I did have my computer on me and double checked my pictures since I haven't got them printed off yet. Too bad so sad, I have it already. Someone else's lucky day maybe? 

Torrance, CA

Homestead 404
I have sworn off buying any homestead. I am trying to unload the cinderella set i have with no luck. I don't love it so it stayed. 

Salvation Army
Long Beach, CA

Verde 443 
I already have this set. Lucky for someone because it was in good condition. Verde seems to fade easy. 

Green 403
Forgot the price. 
Already have it. I think I may even have 2. Okay condition. 

Red 024
GAH! I need this one. But look at that poor thing. Even THM was flabbergasted at the price! Poor thing was well loved before someone threw it in the donate pile. 

Hopefully I find things I want in the near future. At the right price. Until then maybe you bought some of the ones I left behind. If so, You are welcome. 

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