Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Chip n dips

Little history for you today on chip and dips.

Remember this guy from Season 1 Ep. 7 of Mad Men. Where they all discussed the chip and dip.
And then Pete exchanged it for a shot gun.
"You have your fingers in your ears? It's a chip and dip!"

 According to Pyrex Passion Chip and Dip sets were created around the 1950s as chips were becoming ever popular with housewives and entertaining. One of my flickr friends, Pagan_dar, found an old cookbook with a little more on chip and dips. They said:

"hostesses had to be taught that they could expect their guests to help themselves to communal bowls of chips and dips, or "dunks," as they sometimes called it. The new postwar cocktail parties were different from dinners in the past where you sat down and had several courses all prepared."

Now that we know a little about chip and dips, I will show you my small collection of them. 

I love chips. Dortitos, Lays, tortilla, chili cheese Fritios, veggie chips, salt and pepper. Chips are so yummy. 

Dips. Eh they are okay. I'm a fan of salsa and queso. Not much a fan of onion dip. 

My collection has grown over the years. Some are pyrex. 

Completed sets:

"Hot n Cold"
nicknamed "Eyes"

Brown Stripes
The little bowl is not the normal 441 but a cereal bowl.
 Came with wooden holder I do not own.

Missing the dip:

"Pineapple Party"
Was my grandmas.


Missing the chip:

"Golden Scroll"

Some are blendo. I normally only buy when they have both the chip and dip. And am lucky if they still have the bracket.

Even have a Libby set (or 2).

They don't even have to be used for chips. I made a nice large caesar salad and toasted ravioli and used my dip bowl for the marinara. 

This was super cheap, like $3.  I like green.

Perfect for Taco Tuesday! 
please note my divided covers are accidentally  switched and on the wrong bases. 


  1. Those are awesome! I love chips and dips and now I love chip and dip sets! The green one is probably my favorite. The blue with the yellowish stripe is a close second though! Now I'm going to be keeping my eye out for these.

  2. I have one set - Ivy. I'd like to have a chip or two!

  3. I have the gold scroll chip bowl if you'd like to trade? email me if you're interested

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  5. I just found a blendo set that I love but I need the bracket. Ever seen any for sale?

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