Thursday, August 22, 2013

I am Back! with tons of new pretties!

Oh man oh man did I ever have a blast back in Michigan.  There was tons of yard sales, antique malls and flea markets.

My favorite thing I saw was 2 ducks get loose at the Farwell Flea Market. One flew off and the other we don't know if they ever caught it.  They had pot belly pigs, goats and chickens too. It was more of a junk market than anything. But I love their prices.

The prices were amazing. Most everything I saw was less than half of what they would charge here. Made it hard not to buy everything. I stuck to things that completed sets or were to cheap to pass up.

I had to carry everything back on the plane with me. Of course I do not put anything in my suitcase I didn't want broke. But the airline I flew sucked and had a 40lb weight limit on their baggage. So everything went on my carry on (and THM carry on).

Before I get into everything Pyrex I will share some pictures with you all of my trip. We stayed went to michigan. Had lots of great home food and saw all my family. The next 2 weeks I will share all the treasures and how I got them.

The view out the window of my moms massive car. This is what she sees everyday. 

Arron messing around with Patrick in the Detroit area. See Detroit is nice! 
My cabin in dire need os some landscaping. I will retire here! 

THM caught a frog. brought it in to show me. 

My amazing Grandmother. 

Yes those bags are filled with pyrex!!!!

Oh and I didn't forget. Remeber the giveaway I was doing. Well i am back so that means time for a winner!!!! Tomorrow morning I will draw a random number. So you have one last day to comment and follow me. 


  1. Welcome back!
    I'm having my first giveaway at my blog - ends Friday! I'd love it if you would enter here.
    Can't wait to find out who the winner is! (I already entered!)

  2. My arms have been so sore before from dragging Pyrex on the plane, I know just how it feels!!!