Sunday, August 4, 2013

It is not the Pyrex it is the Readers!

I wrote this post in my head while walking home from some thrift stores this afternoon.

I want to say a huge Thank You to all my readers. I realized today my collection would not mean anything without all you wonderful people I get to share it with. 

At the end of this post is my first giveaway. A thank you to all of you for being awesome.

Here is the story of the best thing to happen to me since I started blogging. 

Scene: Salvation Army. Around 10 am or so. Saturday 40% off day. Me alone. 

I walk in spot this snowflake garland 403. Automatically knew I did not have this one. It was a "walk and grab".  You know where you walk by, grab something and keep going. Not even to stop and look at it.

Then I heard it. 

"You write that blog" (something along that line. I don't remember exactly) 

I turn around. A woman and her grown son where there. 

I said "me? Yes I do" 

Her name is Dory (a super sweet woman). Her son is Matt (and I just have to say he has really pretty eyes). 

She recognized me and my pyrex hunting technique. 

OMG my first fan meeting. I swear I haven't smiled like that since I birthed THM.  We chit chatted about the bowl. About how she laughed that I called the AmVet thrift store, sketchy.  Matt lives in that area, I am going to retract my statement that AmVet Thrift area is sketchy.  It is not. Maybe just a because I never go to that area and when I do I don't see much of the good part since I drive there in the not so good part. Anyways.

She is down from another state visiting her son. She said she knew it was me when I grabbed that bowl. That she found my blog while looking at Pyrex. She said she couldn't buy much as she had to get it back home. I then said "that is why I pack very little when I go home. So I can take everything back with me!"

So today I met one of my readers. I should have gotten a picture, but my brain was overflowing and didn't think to. I ran to the car and told THH who agreed it was super cool!

One left to go. The Happy 403 with its family. 
So Dory and Matt, I am happy you read my blog. I m happy that we met and it was super awesome. I hope we meet again. You guys are super sweet. Hope you found something good.

I'm still feeling that high you get when something awesome happens. Thanks for making my day so much better.  Thank you to all my readers, without you my collection wouldn't mean anything. Sharing with you makes me happy. 

If you follow me and leave a comment on this post (let me know you follow me!) you get in the drawing for this Yellow 503. A great size for small batches of cakes, brownies or casseroles. It is a primary 503. When I get back from my vacation I will randomly draw a number. Then I will contact you via email and ship to you. All on my dime. As a Thank you to all who read.

Bad fuzzy picture! 
 Happy Hunting! 


  1. I would love to win this! I love seeing all your great finds!

  2. How cool to meet a reader! I love the walk and grab technique! Although for a great find, I've been known to do the leave-the-cart-and-run-to-the-next-aisle-and-grab routine. That's a little more rare though!

    Those bowls are so cute!

    I'm a new follower and would love a chance to win the casserole. I'm glad I found your blog on Sir Thrift a lot!

    Cathey with an E

  3. Such a great story! I'm new to pyrex collecting and I haven't tried the walk and grab technique yet, because I just get so excited when I eye a find that I must stop and look at it (and squeal with delight on the inside!).

    Love following your great finds! I hope I'm the lucky winner of such a cute casserole!

  4. I never saw anyone grab something so quickly and keep walking at a thrift store - that's how I new it was you. If we hadn't taken a wrong turn and got slightly lost, I would have been there 5 minutes before you and got that bowl! LOL! But I probably would have carried it around the store and and then put it back knowing I couldn't get it home in one piece and also, we wouldn't have met you. I think the hunt is half the fun. We enjoyed chatting with you and appreciate the tip on the antique mall. Matt found many things at SA on Saturday; me - I didn't find anything. Nothing at AM/VET either. Hope you have a great vacation and find much Pyrex! Dori

  5. What a great story! I've been following you for a few months :)

  6. You, are such a rare find. I'm glad your passion for pyrex got me looking. Now I enjoy hunting.

  7. That's an awesome story! I, too, have perfected the walk and grab. Also, my husband thinks it's funny how I can scan a huge shelf full of stuff and spot the Pyrex hidden in it.

  8. I've been reading your blog for a few months now, but just recently started following you. I love treasure hunting, especially pyrex!

  9. I am a new follower. I love reading your stories. I wish I had your Talent and skill In treasure hunting :-)

  10. I have been following your blog for several months. I love reading about your lucky Pyrex finds. I frequently use the "walk and grab" technique! ;)

  11. How neat - to meet a fan!! I've been a follower for quite a while - have a fun holiday!

  12. How exciting for you! Ride that high dude, you deserve it!

  13. Love that snowflake pattern!!!

    (how cool to have fans!!)

  14. Love that bowl...lucky you. I follow your blog and absolutely love it's name.

  15. Pretty awesome that she's from out of state and recognised you! Im clueless when it come to that sort of thing, had been following this fashion blogger for several months before figuring out that our husbands actually work together.

  16. What a good story! That was a pretty good find too.

  17. Great story! Wish I had your luck. I've enjoyed following you for the past month or so. Can really relate to the name of your blog!

  18. I am reading this after the contest was over but I want to tell you about the time I was spotted and recognized for my blog: I was at a Zumba class, no make up, hair tied back and an ugly bandana was wrapped around my head to sop up sweat. People were introducing themselves and I was not paying much attention (trying to hide really) when a woman say "you are Jill! I read your blog!"

    And she did!
    How she recognized me in that get up I will never know but we are friends now!